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@UlquioKani said:

Tales of Vesperia is very good.

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@ProfessorEss: I'm playing that game right now - its SOOO good! And I was one of those fans of the original games that dismissed it at the time based on the demo. Thinking of creating a thread to show case some of my vehicles to encourage more people to try it out.

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Dude 6x 500ml bottles in 3 hrs is a lot of water in that timeframe! Especially if you're not working out/in a very hot climate

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@Cataphract1014:I have a Krogan Sentinel. Its ok up to silver but hes pretty useless in Gold. Tech armour is just too nerfed from ME2. Krogan soldier sounds way better.

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Its a port of the ps2 game although it is quite a good port. Having said that though there is a more recent tales game in the form of Tales of Vesperia for the 360. It depends on how much of a big rpg/tales fan you are. I will warn u though the protagonist is a dick for the first half of the game. He does develop quite well however and it is interesting to see his growth throughout the game. Its a very, very long game as well btw.

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Tea because I'm civilised. All kinds of tea: black, green, white, spiced etc. I'm no barbarian so I don't touch alcohol. A true gentleman remains refined and in control at all times.

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8 My favorite but not for everyone

9 Probably best 'traditional style, turn based' FF

12 Best new one. Shame about the backlash since we got 13 instead which no one was happy with either! Good thing Xenoblade built on it...

7 Was ok - I played this well after release as with all of them and to play them its definitely not that great but I can see why people think it is

10 The worst IMO probably because of the voice acting. FF12 was in english as well but it was done well. After playing FF7-9 I expected a huge leap going to the PS2 but was dissapointed

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Ah crap I voted Patrick since I misread the title thinking it meant who had the closest taste -_-

For me probably Ryan. But I find myself disagreeing most with Jeff on a few particular things.

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@phrali:I fell into the trap of buying into the hype when Oblivion came out. I learnt a harsh lesson the day it came out: I do not like Bethesda games.

Even games I don't enjoy (e.g. COD) at least I can understand why people like them. With Bethesda games I just don't understand

-Compard to the Souls Series, chronicles of riddick (first person combat) the comabt is awful, floaty and feels fake

-the world feels sterile and 'americanised'. Like bioware games the characters speak with pleasant northamerican/canadian accents. Now compare that to the Witcher series which feels dark, gritty and real

Pretty much the only thing I can see they have going for it is a big open world. But I'm one of those people who would prefer a smaller, more tightly designed world. You seem to be one of those people like me.

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I've bookmarked this...much love.