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I used upscalers in the past for my ps2 and was never happy with it. It was a really expensive model too (~$300). They just introduce a huge amount of input lag and I was never satisfied with the colour calibration. I eventually got some with some good quality component cables direct to the tv and the 480i image looked better than the 1080p image through the upscaler. Hence I did the same with the wii.

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My respect for you has sky-rocketed Patrick after hearing your thoughts on Majora's Mask. Fantastic game.

As an apology for my awful pun, here is the Skyward Sword 'Romance' trailer:


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I can let you guys know how it is right now since I've played the previous games (Rune Factory 3 (DS) and Rune Factory Frontier (Wii)). They're good games - I'm not even a fan of farming games but by combining it with an action rpg and social elements (like persona) it works really well.

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The US trailer for record of agarest war. Can't believe no one mentioned that yet...

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General rule:

Games done by BluePoint games are very well done (God of War, Ico&Shadow of the colossus). They improve framerates, do some remodelling, some texture bumps and resoultion. Also proper trophy support etc.

In God of War's case (psp) they even re-did all the fmvs since they didn't look good just upscaling from the psp resolution. In Ico and SoTC they kept in contact with the original creators and consulted them about any slight tweaks they were making so it fit the original creator's intention.

Games done by capcom/ubisoft are quick lazy cashins - only resolution increase and in some cases worse framerate (resi4, prince of persia, splintercell etc) .

Read Eurogamer's digital foundry blog for more info

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Come on patrick give the game a go! Don't let the the peer pressue from the rest of the GB crew get to you!

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According to Eurogamer's review they did just that - ported the pc versoin with no reworking/remodelling of textures. Only change is resolution

I may wait for a DigitalFoundry analysis before deciding to get it.

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@Hizang: How the fuck did you finish banjo Tooie twice? 0_o

I'm hating my current playthrough atm - only doing it for the stop and swap 2 incase of future banjo games. It feels like so much work compared to the first game! The levels are awfully segmented and involve and lot of backtracking. The first game felt way more organic.

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Raw Almond butter