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Come on patrick give the game a go! Don't let the the peer pressue from the rest of the GB crew get to you!

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According to Eurogamer's review they did just that - ported the pc versoin with no reworking/remodelling of textures. Only change is resolution

I may wait for a DigitalFoundry analysis before deciding to get it.

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@Hizang: How the fuck did you finish banjo Tooie twice? 0_o

I'm hating my current playthrough atm - only doing it for the stop and swap 2 incase of future banjo games. It feels like so much work compared to the first game! The levels are awfully segmented and involve and lot of backtracking. The first game felt way more organic.

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Raw Almond butter

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Rune Factory 3 (DS)

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Radiant Historia isn't DSi specific though so it should work

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@RiotBananas: I forgot what it is called but there is a bike program in the UK run by the police where you can register your bike with them. They stick a permanent code on the underside of the frame so if anyone tries to sell it the police would be notified. Other than that all you can do is lock the shed and even lock the bike onto a fixing inside the shed. I hope you recover well from ur loss.
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@kingzetta: Advice: You can buy a laptop cooling fan and place it underneath the ps3. That works wonders for my laptop and since a ps3 is of a similar size it would work.
Cheaper method: Buy 4 rubbers (pencil erasers if you're american). Square shaped ones. Place them under the 4 rubber pads on the ps3. This will create a larger gap between the tv stand/shelf surface and allow air easy access under it keep it cool. This works well for my 360 since I only have one laptop cooling fan atm and was a temporary solution but works well.
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@FancySoapsMan: I apologise, perhaps my lagnuage was too strong and I over reacted. Still though there is a TON of stuff on the news that hardly ever interests me. Just filter it out man.