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Rune Factory 3 (DS)

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Radiant Historia isn't DSi specific though so it should work

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@RiotBananas: I forgot what it is called but there is a bike program in the UK run by the police where you can register your bike with them. They stick a permanent code on the underside of the frame so if anyone tries to sell it the police would be notified. Other than that all you can do is lock the shed and even lock the bike onto a fixing inside the shed. I hope you recover well from ur loss.
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@kingzetta: Advice: You can buy a laptop cooling fan and place it underneath the ps3. That works wonders for my laptop and since a ps3 is of a similar size it would work.
Cheaper method: Buy 4 rubbers (pencil erasers if you're american). Square shaped ones. Place them under the 4 rubber pads on the ps3. This will create a larger gap between the tv stand/shelf surface and allow air easy access under it keep it cool. This works well for my 360 since I only have one laptop cooling fan atm and was a temporary solution but works well.
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@FancySoapsMan: I apologise, perhaps my lagnuage was too strong and I over reacted. Still though there is a TON of stuff on the news that hardly ever interests me. Just filter it out man.
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@gamefreak9: By pullup do you mean 'chin-up' (palms facing you) or 'pull-up' (as in palms facing away from you)? Also how much do you weigh? Because I have a high level of fitness but I am very tall and heavy so can only manage around 25 'chin-ups'.
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@KaosAngel: @MysteriousBob: @CL60: @Junkerman: @FancySoapsMan: 

The level of idiocy and hipocracy in this thread is amazing. Here I was thinking gamers were an educated bunched who would keep their mouths shut rather than spout uninformed opinions and incorrect facts. Afterall we get pissed off at the media for making incorrect assumptions about video games don't we? So why are we doing that here? I just don't understand that. I don't support the Royal Family persay, but here are some facts:

Queen does have power. She is the Soverign who signs our laws (statutes) making them into laws and she rules in right of Paliament. She is a key component in the Statute of the limitations of powers and provides balance between the Legislature (house of commons and house of lords), The Exexcutive (Prime Minister and Cabinet) and the Judiciary (The judges and legal systems). This means no one system can become 'too powerful'
They provide a massive tourism boost + income
They are important with regard to foreign relations e.g. with foriegn leaders, diplomates and other royal families e.g. those in the middle east etc

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Sonic 2 (Megadrive/Genesis)

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@fox01313: Uh, Bayonetta/Ninja Gaiden have good mechanics/controls...
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Best rpg this gen!