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@gamefreak9: By pullup do you mean 'chin-up' (palms facing you) or 'pull-up' (as in palms facing away from you)? Also how much do you weigh? Because I have a high level of fitness but I am very tall and heavy so can only manage around 25 'chin-ups'.
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The level of idiocy and hipocracy in this thread is amazing. Here I was thinking gamers were an educated bunched who would keep their mouths shut rather than spout uninformed opinions and incorrect facts. Afterall we get pissed off at the media for making incorrect assumptions about video games don't we? So why are we doing that here? I just don't understand that. I don't support the Royal Family persay, but here are some facts:

Queen does have power. She is the Soverign who signs our laws (statutes) making them into laws and she rules in right of Paliament. She is a key component in the Statute of the limitations of powers and provides balance between the Legislature (house of commons and house of lords), The Exexcutive (Prime Minister and Cabinet) and the Judiciary (The judges and legal systems). This means no one system can become 'too powerful'
They provide a massive tourism boost + income
They are important with regard to foreign relations e.g. with foriegn leaders, diplomates and other royal families e.g. those in the middle east etc

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Sonic 2 (Megadrive/Genesis)

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@fox01313: Uh, Bayonetta/Ninja Gaiden have good mechanics/controls...
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Best rpg this gen!

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I felt the same way. Played it for the first time several years after release. I came to the conclusion that it is one of those games that was great in its time but is hard to get into if you play it for the first a few years after release - especially if you've played more recent bioware games. 
I've actually just started Jade Empire recently and I am feeling the same way as I did about KOTOR.

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I used to always play first time on normal but lately I've found games to be getting easier and easier (or am I simply better than my younger self?) so I've been putting it on hard.

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@Wrighteous86: A slap to the face? Make that years of torment. Not the same thing.  kid did not deserve to be suspended - a warning would do, clearly explaning that that he may have gone a little too far. Clearly you have not been in a situation like that before. Your emotions get ahold of you and logic falls to the wayside - the kid was clearly desperate and alone and snapped
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Man you guys like lots of games. The only things that interested me so far is Ghost Trick. 
As for the future line up just Mass effect 3, Dragon Age 2, The Witcher 2, Tatics Ogre and Dissdia 2. An ok list but not legenady (yet, we'll see how good they turn out)

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@Bocam: Is that his newest work? Is it related to Higirushigi? I haven't finished it yet - still on the first chapter - I haven't even reached the Kai/answer parts yet so I can't really judge if I like the universe he has created so far. All thats happened thus far is a lot of talking and little plot development but I've only been playing a few mins a day before I go to bed.
I have played through most of the Fate/stay night 'FATE' arc though and looking forward to the other two since I watched the anime before so I'm retreading the story beats in the current arc.
So yeah I'm still new to the medium. Is there anything on jlist or mangagamer you recommend? Since they're not popular in the west they don't get reviewd much so its hard to find out whats good and whats not.