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Not sure but I believe so just not at launch though. When announced they only said "First on Xbox" never said exclusively only on Xbox. There is a PC version and I'd say its likely PS4 will get it and if not Titanfall 2 for sure, it is coming from EA.

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Any messy food? No. But I do commonly drink soda including Mt. Dew.

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@cosmokramer: It was also the most exciting game at Microsofts conference but I believe a port or later release on PS4 is likely because in conference they said "First on Xbox One" meaning sounding more time exclusive-y.

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If gameplay looks anything like image 3 then thats pretty dang good! Overall it's completely what I'd expect from a Battlefield game.

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They are cheap so I wouldn't be surprised if they're still in. As well I can see the light on the back + the new eye toy being able to do this feature without gyros etc. Maybe even add to that with depth (think flying a airplane having to pull back the controller and steer with it like that).

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It's a mix. I've never had a bad experience with Sony consoles yet (reliability wise) and that's a big factor, along with games. I won't be buying a console til another year or two after release (I have other things I need to focus on plus tons of PS3 games, as well as just getting a 360 last summer (free)).

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Guess what there were no black people as well! So is Sony racist as well? Maybe they went with their speakers because they thought they'd do the best job at it. I don't view this as sexist or racist or anything. I just see people trying to complain after what a great job Sony did.

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Me personally? No I have a working PS3 and everything needed for PS3 games, general consumers and people that sell PS3s to get a PS4 yes it matters a lot. Plus its just a positive in general to have.

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Thats up to you because I've never felt a need to. Best Buy's is nice because when my roommates Beats headphones broke they basically give you the price you paid (lets just say $300) and then add in the insurance (I don't know the real price but lets say $20) they just basically gave him $320 gift card to use on anything. Which would be nice for consoles if price drops you'd get extra $.

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Same I've deleted my inbox but it's still sitting at 5.