Launched new Portfolio

For the past couple of months I've been working on creating my own portfolio, I figured I need one eventually. It's a very simple and basic website, I didn't have enough time to make something bigger and better, plus it only needs to be a place to host my work.

I recently finished the website and today is the day it launches!

You can see it at

As you can see I mostly do web design but also enjoy making random pictures. I'd like to hear any comments and criticism you guys have, or if you have any improvement suggestions that would be great.

Thank you.

Busted controller

For the past few weeks my Xbox 360 controller has been acting up a bit, every now and then it disconnects and tells me to reconnect my controller, it's not a huge problem, just have to hit the home button. But yesterday, I was playing Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game and it told me to reconnect my controller, as I held down the home button the controller didn't reconnect, the lights flashing around the button were also being weird, they weren't flashing like they always do, almost as if it was losing power. Now I am able to connect my controller for about 2 or 3 seconds before it disconnects, this is a huge bummer as I was planning on buying Dead Rising: Case Zero today but as I can't play it, it will have to wait. 
My solutions at the moment are, either buy a new controller, or save up my money and buy the new Xbox 360 S, I really need that new Xbox sooner or later and this seems like a good excuse to buy one. Of course I'll need to earn the money first. 
Anyway, that's my bad news for the day.


My 'Basic Building Blocks' hints for Community Challenge

We need 7,500 users to complete these quest sets by 29th April so that we all get the extra EXP.  
A lot of people are saying this isn't going to happen and I'd be surprised if it did happen, but I'm gonna try and help and blog my own personnel clues/hints for this challenge, hopefully without giving too much away.  
The One Free Man 
1) The first face you see in Half Life 2.
2) An experiment goes horribly wrong in the scientific research facility.
3) The one eyed alien species that have been featured in all Half Life games.
4) Gordon Freeman shares this common trait with many other video game protagonists.
5) Gordon Freeman's trusty side arm.
1) A popular Mortal Kombat fighter who wants you to 'GET OVER HERE'.
2) One of the locations from Mortal Kombat.
3) This is how how you finish of your opponent in true Mortal Kombat fashion.
4) Not just in MK, falling onto these hazards will definitely put a hole in your progress.
5) This guy has an alias with the title of this quest
A Battle in Active Time 
1) Many FF games contain several of these, in fact a recent FF spin-off has this in the title of it.
2) This guys in every FF game in a different form, make sure you view his concept page.
3) I think I remember seeing Sazh Katzroy with one of these in his 'fro.
4) These flying ships get you from point A to B in the over world with ease.
5) It's kind of hard to tell what gender most FF protagonists are now a days.
Get Equipped With... 
1) Mega Man's main side-arm, without any other upgrades applied to it.
2) One of the creators of the many Robot Masters.
3) One of Mega Mans most common enemies.
4) Not just Mega Man, but every game has a final one of these.
5) The digital box art for these games actually looker much cooler than the game itself.
Heart of the Tiger 
1) One of the species from Wing Commander, although someone from this specific species turned out to be a turncoat.
2) One of the characters from WC, he also had a pretty big part in another space themed trilogy.
3) Even if this takes multiple hits it's OK, just lay low for a while, so it can fill up.
4) If you played a Sega CD game or even any C&C games, you will have watched quite a few of these cutscnes,
5) This actor had a role in a different sci-fi trilogy about time travel. Make sure you view the actors page, not the character.
I hope this has helped some of you to complete these quests.

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