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I played this game a lot in the beta but after they wiped my the characters I couldn't see myself doing it all again. But I just recently got back into it, my username is RobotParty. At the moment I'm only online a couple of hours a night once I'm home from work (around 8-10 GMT) so hopefully someone will be online while I am to add me.

I've only got a level 12 Colossus at the moment.

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Yeah, dunno if you're still showcasing GOTY lists but I suppose there's no harm putting it here.

My GOTY List.

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@zombiepie: Half way through getting the information for this, I realised Vinny had only won like one game and wasn't sure if putting this up would be a good, but when I saw he won all the soccer quick looks I went ahead with it.

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Wasn't a big fan of the video and definitely not the song, that's not very "Rock 'n' Roll" but I suppose it's more rock 'n' roll that most of the crap on the radio now a days.

But, the ending of the video was definitely worth it.

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We love you Ryan.

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Put a few more of my feeling into words over here, still can't believe this.

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I've never felt so shocked from the death of someone I never even met, at least Ryan Davis has impacted all of our lives. When I die, I can only hope that I have a massive party with my friends a fe days before and that 1000s of people all over the world will remember me.

RIP Ryan Davis

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The story is a bit weird, but quite interesting. I haven't actually got the "true ending" though so can't speak about that, but the game is a really fun unique SHMUP with some unlockables and incredibly hard achievements that give it replay value.

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@indiana: Sure, it's called Nevis. One of my favourite fonts.

@zaccheus: Thanks duder.

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