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is anyone else sick to death of dying in this game? Everyone said it was so easy, but the combat is just awful. It's just mind numbing and takes forever, and if you die too much you lose all progress. I want to love this game but screw this.

Every once in awhile I pick it up because I feel like I should finish it with all the accolades it gets. But every time I play for 20 minutes and just get pissed off and quit.

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so, what is the answer?

edit: nevermind, you just rotate to find another door.

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Quests were the reason I used GB. That and achievement tracking, both were fun. Now they're both gone and the site has lost a lot of usefulness.

All that time spent and levels gained competing with friends are just completely gone. It'd be like if Xbox got rid of achievement scores.

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yeah I am on True Achievements. I just liked the level chase here. I don't have time to watch videos, I barely have enough time to play the games I want to play. IRL is tough.

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well that negates most of the reason I use the site.

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what do you mean "it's going away"? They aren't going to do the ranks anymore?

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I think this is the way to do it?

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I almost have every mission 100% in memories 1 and 2 :)

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the last hour all I've been getting is the spinning Templar "hourglass" when trying to click on anything in Legacy, and then it says a connection error occurred and to refresh.  Two different computers, two different connections.

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I'm having uses with the game freezing with the templar spinning cursor over and over.  It's making it impossible to play.