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@Gamer_152 said:
" I think it's good that Nintendo are giving another company a chance to develop for one of their major franchises. Nintendo have done a great job on Metroid but it will be interesting to see it tackled from the point of view of another high-quality game developer. "
I agree with this 100%. 
Nintendo tried something new and fresh.  Team ninja does a good job on their games for the most part.
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@Nate said:
" bummer. you should call or email someone and bitch about it. You'd be surprised how far that can get you. "
Yeah you get more than you already have currently. 
Alot of the PC companies give you free CD keys, games, etc.
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I used my real name but sometimes I like to use master as my name...

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@Vager said:

The Halo one was a screenshot I took that I liked to use as a wallpaper. "
I like the jackfrost one.
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I use female avatars all the time (currently not) usually its anime female avatars.  I mean I could understand some girl like Tomb Raider for your avatar and all that and there is nothing wrong with it.  Avatars just express what your into. 
And especially with anime it is most likely you will have a girl avatar.

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Hey just call me Sasuni/Shadow. 
I'm into RPGs like okage shadow king, persona, etc.

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That looks interesting.