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But... Hey Ice King was pretty alright... at the very least, it had that great song.

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@xel said:

I don't know what's happened, but it seems they removed the text to voice stuff...

Now it's just text

They're having some issues with the influx of Steam players, so they're trying to get the voice stuff fixed.

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Absolutely fantastic.

This game just keeps on giving. Get a game full of roleplayers with a sense of humor, and magic will happen every single time. It's basically Improv Sketch Simulator 2014.

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Sad thing is, this looks like a decent light gun game. I'd probably enjoy playing through it a couple times.

But man... I can't support that kind of "comedy". Overkill did it right. This game does it so, so wrong.

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Here's your Endurance Run, folks.

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Oh my stars and garters, this could be wonderful. Or a massive letdown. Never know with Bioware.

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"Follow me."




... Forever burned into my brain.

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Ehhhh... the appeal for me is in the touch interface.

Also, why is there no Lament Configuration app? The chains flying out of the tablet and ripping you apart followed by an eternity of inconceivable torture might be a bit tough to program, but the rest would be doable.

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On one hand, this game looks terrible beyond words.

On the other, the idea is good, and it's super impressive for a one-man project.

On the third, escape-poo-covered hand, it made for a fantastic QL.

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