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Question is, how many Ones can be daisy chained together, and what would the cumulative effect be? Just worse and worse input lag?

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That flip is stunningly cheesy in the best way.

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Sam & Max games always get me, as does Monkey Island. I know I'm forgetting some notable ones, but those always come to mind.

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@shagge said:

It's coming out weeks ago already? I'll have to postorder it.

This has to be because I fucked my post somehow right? I'm looking over it and not spotting anything immediate wrong is making paranoid.

Nah, just a dumb joke. The title struck me as funny for some reason. (I have no idea why, now that I look at it again)

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It's coming out weeks ago already? I'll have to postorder it.

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Holy shit, that's more than THIS many! *splays out hands*

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@video_game_king said:

The rule is that person and character pages can exist for the same entity. A similar rule exists for characters and concepts, although in a much more limited capacity.

So you are saying there needs to be a Shaq concept page?

I don't think the site's infrastructure could support the concept of Shaq.

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Holy hell, Trevor's VA looks just as unhinged in real life, haha.

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I'd be happy with a whole new city. Seattle, Pittsburgh, etc.

London would be fantastic to revisit. They could still poke fun at America there, what with tourist culture and casual racism and whatnot.

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Nope. Legal grey areas (and straight up piracy in many cases) aside, emulators are essential for archivists. No console (or legacy PC build) will be around forever, and there will always be games that don't see ports. Not because of tech, either.

Also, if there's even the slightest difference in versions of a game, it should be archived as well. Admittedly, I'm a bit crazy about preservation, but yeah.