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I still don't get the big deal. I now know what the game is (and I was surprised to discover that I didn't hate the music), and I had a good time watching them play it and talk about it. Was it a little flippant? Sure, because it's Giant Bomb. That's kinda their thing.

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I've lived and worked while being aware of Japan, if that counts.

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Oh god. How is this a thing!? "Remember how great Boogerman was?" is a set of words I can't imagine anybody ever saying.

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Because Dante's hair is different.

Really, though, I liked DmC, but it is definitely simplified a bit. Everything is a bit more forgiving than before.

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"Why won't you be fast!?", I scream, shaking my fist at the case. I then pull up a shady website and threaten to click on one of the fake "Download NOW" buttons until it speeds up.

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Thinking about bootleg GB shirts some more, I now really want a shirt.

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I've started saving videos here and there for rainy day watching, but I still watch an unhealthy amount. I think I've seen/heard more of the GB crew than I have lifelong friends and immediate family members at this point.

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Hey, uhh, shirt guy? That thing you're doing? Stop that. Stop that thing you're doing. Bad shirt guy.

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@blu3v3nom07: Cheers for that.

Yeesh, I was better off before I read that, I think. When I prefer the lyrics on Encore (my least favorite Em album), there's something seriously wrong. Did he have somebody write down what he says while talking in his sleep? I don't understand how he could think any of those punchlines could stand up with his pun-runs on Recovery.

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@deranged said:

@shagge said:

You traded in eight 360s? For one PS3? Also, you have over eight 360s? Enough to say "about eight"?

LOL! My bad mate, I meant eight 360 games.


Haha, figured as much, but I couldn't help myself.