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Man, I love stuff in Squigglevision.

Kinda reminds me of Blue Jam, which might be worth of a listen for Salad Fingers fans. The same guy who wrote that also made: My Wrongs 8245–8249 & 117, which was fucking weird too. English black comedy weirdness repping hard.

Every time somebody mentions Blue Jam, I get the urge to listen to its entire run. Truly one of Britain's greatest creations.

Also, this animation is fantastic.

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I'd really like to see an Apogee marathon.

Better yet, they should get a DOS shareware compilation disc, like Game Empire or somesuch, and just pick .exes at random.

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"In 2001, we redefined multiplayer with Fuzion Frenzy."

A montage from Fuzion Frenzy plays on the screen.

"In 2002, we redefined platforming with Blinx: The Time Sweeper."

A montage from Blinx.

"In 2003, we redefined fighting with Kung Fu Chaos."

No montage, just palpable regret.

"In 2004, fucking I don't know, Backyard Wrestling 2?"

The room goes dark. Suddenly, a blast of green light.

"Then, in 2005, we redefined video games. Harnessing the power of our new console, we changed the world with Perfect Dark Zero."

Another montage.

"Then, a bunch of other shit."

A montage of a bunch of other shit.

"Now, in 2013, we bring to you... the one system to play the one game you will ever need from now on... VOODOO VINCE 2 FOR THE XBOX ONE!... No, not the original Xbox. The Xbox ONE. Fuck. Goddammit, let me start over."

The room goes dark.

"In 2001, we redefined multiplayer..."

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GTA 4, drinking every time Niko did. Didn't happen often enough, so I just got plastered, got Niko drunk as well, then had fun getting into horrible accidents over and over again.

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Yeah I just thought it was neat to see a show going deep enough that most adults wont even get it.

Definitely. It treads a little close to Family Guy "Hey, remember this thing? It sure was a thing!" humor, but it's definitely cool to see ideas like this.

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You had me at Dopefish. They even added "Swim swim hungry"!

Im just wondering how kids will get any of the jokes

Same way they get Adventure Time or Regular Show, I guess. We seem to be in a revival of the days of Rocko or Ren & Stimpy, where the quality is high, the target audience is actually the parents of the kid who's watching it, and the censors are asleep at the desk.

As for this show, the references and concept are great, but the writing... I dunno. It's a pilot, so I don't expect grade A material, but it feels a little too frenetic and obnoxious. If they pick it up, I'll give it a fair shake, but I'm not sold just yet.

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You had me at Dopefish. They even added "Swim swim hungry"!

Edit: A baby Commander Keen? What am I seeing!?

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I'm glad they recognize that there are those of us who adored Alan Wake and would buy a sequel so fast that they wouldn't have time to press the discs. You can tell that they really loved that project, and I hope that the artistic success makes up for the lack of financial success for them.

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I feel like everything about the Xbone's design is meant to say "We fucked up last time. This thing is NES durable."

Doesn't mean it actually is, but I can't imagine that MS didn't stress test the everloving shit out of this console to avoid another RROD debacle.