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8.8!? More like Jeff WORSTMANN!

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Both and more. While I'm all about horror every day of the year, October is when I just absolutely immerse myself in it. My October motto: "Not horror? Not interested."

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Man... I've played way too many of these. What am I doing with my life?

Obviously, there's no released game that only one person has played, but I'll toss in Maabus, because I never skip a chance to say "Hey, guys, Maabus. Fuck that game. Also, you should play Maabus."

No, really, find and play this game. It's the hottest of hot garbage, and I love that it exists.

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I have no idea if this is a well known series or not, this is the only one I've played of them and never heard anyone talk about it. I don't even know if it was an actual game or not, or more of a simulator thing.

Definitely well-known. It has a really dedicated community, not unlike The Sims community in its fervor. Such a cool, bizarre, infuriating series. GOG has them all, for the record... I recommend trying the first two as well. The first one is a bit hard to get into by comparison, but it's worth a couple of bucks as a curiosity and a time capsule of the "virtual life" trend. The second and third hold up far, far better.

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Okay, that was really cool. A bit scattershot, but nicely creepy and funny, with an excellent ending. I especially like the nod to the two-sentence story "Knock" ("The last man on earth sits alone in a room. There is a knock at the door."). As good as Blink? Ehhh... maybe not, but I really enjoyed it.

Next week's episode looks fun. No show does tonal whiplash quite like Doctor Who.

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Toilets, condiments, plates, pants, hats, Sausalito, basic culinary skills, signs that say "No shirt, no shoes, no service", Olive Garden, any fast food place with seating, that WWF cookbook that J.R. did, J.R. himself, any music not consisting of guitarist/bassist/drummer/vocalist, Salad Shooters, public swimming pools, the works of R.L. Stine, turducken, and the Double Down chicken sandwich.

(I say all of this with love in my fancy-ass heart. Dan is great)

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I love that this is coming out a couple of days after I buy a PS4. I'll take that as a sign to retire my 360 copy and get to double-dippin'.

Edit: Also, I hope they don't go overboard on the increased car density. "Realism" and "fun" are a fine balance in matters of virtual traffic.

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Yeah, there are a few parts on "Bring 'em On!" difficulty that had me going "Really? This isn't fun", but for the vast majority of the game, I think they struck the right balance of difficulty. But it's definitely not a game you come to to feel underpowered, so I agree that there might be a more "pure" experience to be found on Easy. If you have double shotguns, you want to feel like you have double fucking shotguns. (and they definitely got that right in the damage modeling. Some of those gib shots are surprisingly nasty)

I'm just glad the difficulty spikes weren't as high as they were in past Wolfensteins. The Hans Grosse fight in Wolf '09 was a bitch.

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Too hard to pick just one, but anything with Gang Beasts is invariably gold.

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Sure, I'll put my name up in hyah. I'm still kicking myself over not buying one.

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That's awesome. As much as I dislike Minecraft and the flood of Yogscast-alikes, I still think it's great that kids today are into that stuff. I was the weird kid for even having a PC, let alone playing games on it. While everyone else was talking Mario, I was talking Wolfenstein 3D. (not being a hipster or elitist... it sucked at the time, being an outcast among outcasts. Now I'm glad it went that way, as I played so many great games that I would have never heard of if I was playing what everybody else was playing. Ask me anything about fucking Skunny Kart.)