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This looks to be much more of a shooter than Hotline was, with its own mechanics. There's no doubt that this is very, very inspired by HM, but it looks like everything "copied" is either aesthetic or not original to HM. Unless the trailer is hugely misleading, this is no clone.

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The biggest issue is that chat breaks constantly already, so it'd be a ton of extra work for the Top Men.

Really, you could just simulate the chat experience at home by having somebody occasionally yell things in your ear like "WHAT IS THIS GAME", "UGH PLAY SOMETHING ELSE", "WHEN DID THIS START", BRAD IS BRAD AT GAMES", "<><>:VINNY:<><>", "PLAY GANG BEASTS", and so on.

Edit: Not saying that "PLAY GANG BEASTS" is in any way a bad request to make.

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Not sure on price, as it's covered by my landlord.

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I really liked the first two games as dumb fun gorefests, and I know some people loved the sidescroller one (I haven't played it), but it's not exactly a franchise that needs continuing. Everything BloodRayne had to offer has long been replaced by much better games.

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I've dated a number of sodas in my day, if you need an adviser for the purpose of accuracy at any point. For example, never tell a soda that it's getting a little flat, or that its glass looks big. It'll only end in fizz-ticuffs.

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@truthtellah: When you sum it all up like that... what the fuck is this bizarre website that I spend so much time and money on?

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It's not. With the season pass it's $40, but it's a $20 title normally.

Edit: Ah, beat to it.

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Whenever these dry spells hit, I just remind myself that there are soooo many goddamn video games out there, and I'm in no danger of running out of things to play. Like, ever.

If it's the social aspect you're pining for, maybe start a "game club" or something. A group of people all playing the same older game and discussing as they do so would be really fun.

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Shame that the one duder unwittingly threw his out... looks like it would be very clear that there are cards or something besides oatmeal in the package. (not judging, just saying it's super unfortunate that it never dawned on him, which is understandable in a show setting)

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In case this gets locked, I just want to say right now that this is a wonderful thing.