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I want to get into parsnips, but I've heard bad things about the parsnip community, as well as the steep learning curve. Any good parsnip livestreams I could use to ease my way in?

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I liked the idea until it was just the same names over and over, then it got annoying fast. (also, during Paperboy when they turned it up really loud)

Still a fun TNT.

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I don't like the Beastie Boys save for a couple of songs, but there's no denying that they were legends. R.I.P. MCA.

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I wouldn't mind watching it if they were guaranteed to go up against other beginners, and everybody involved was serious about learning (the basics, that is, just so it's not a feedfest. You can learn that in minutes) , but even then it'd be pretty dry most of the time.

Although the next Breaking Brad could feature Brad vs. the MOBA community. Not playing, just relentless exposure to its insanity.

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I just want to alert people to FINE AMERICAN CLOTHESINGS! YOU BUY! and FLASH GAME WEBSITE YOU CAN PLAY THE SONIC THE PIGHEDGE ONLINE FREE. If that's spam, then so be it, sir!

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Wasps. I like spiders, and tarantulas can be downright beautiful. (but fuck Huntsman spiders...) Wasps are probably the inspiration for the idea of Satan.

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Fun is the point. Nothing more than that, nothing less. No sweeping storyline, no deconstruction of widely recognized tropes, just puzzles.

I think it seems like it's trying to be more than that just because it took so damn long to come out, and Phil Fish is infamously pretentious.

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@mrcraggle said:

Glad this is stand alone. I uninstalled SR:TT yesterday as my harddrive was so close to full.

Same here.

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MW3 was a chore, but I've always liked Treyarch's CODs in spite of myself. They're still rote and silly, but at least they embrace the silliness.

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@Ketchupp said:

From my quick research no one has completed Hole in the Wall according to GB and

Challenge. Accepted. Anybody want to donate a Kinect and a copy of Hole In The Wall?