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It used to be for Jeff's private collection. Not sure what they use it for now.

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I don't mind playing on Medium, but christ, 35 gigs...that's ludicrous.

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Shoot that guy.

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Still not clear on how football works outside some basic point mechanics. What do those maps with Xs and Os and all those arrows that sometimes end with Xs mean? What's a kicking defenser? When does the stripey man blow his whistle, and when is that a good thing (is it ever a good thing)?

As far as I can tell, the idea is to get your quarterback to throw the eggball at the members of Nickelback until John Madden has an orgasm and does unspeakable things to birds, at which point The Black Eyed Peas do a funny little dance and sing with Janet Jackson's semi-exposed breast, followed by another hour or two of Chad Kroeger getting beaned with eggballs.

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If I had the stamina and time to help with this, I'd love to. That's a massive undertaking, even when crowdsourced, and your reason for doing it is awesome.

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That inbox... :|

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I find that I often enjoy reading/talking/watching things about games more than actually playing them. I still play an unhealthy amount, and I love doing so, but my "finish a game in one sitting because loladdiction" habits are dwindling. (which is a good thing)

Just go with it. Something will grab you sooner or later.

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I think I actually prefer Jay444111 over this guy.

That disturbs me.

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Eh. I tried to watch it but it wasn't really my cup of tea. The cheese (as in story and humor, not the special effects) was just too much to handle. Plus I like my sci-fi a little harder.

I felt the same way at first (I started with "Rose", which was brutally cheesy), but it clicked after a few episodes.

I love that the show's gaining more traction here in 'Murrica, incidentally.