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I can't help but love those oppressively nihilistic films for some reason, even though only a small percentage of them are actually any good. Paranoid Park is one in particular that stuck with me.

Oddly, I'd count Eternal Sunshine amongst movies that leave me feeling like complete shit at the end (in a good way). It just affects me in a way that I don't think was intended by the writer or director.

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I need a couple thousand to kickstart a website for people to kickstart alternative websites to Kickstarter (I'll call it Jumpstarter). Who's in?

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I just cheese him with projectiles from far away. Rarely fails me.

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This is video game to make click at. Do to play, but no children it violence.

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Oh wow, I haven't seen that Vangers box in YEARS. Never played it, but the box always drew my eye in stores.

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@FLStyle said:

Did you know, that when it snows...

My eyes become large and the light that you shine can be seen...

BABY! I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey!

Ooh, the more I get of you the stranger it feels, a-yeah!

*slaps self* You promised not to do that!

... *goes to listen to it*

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Sometimes, yeah.

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Fan site using easter egg audio. Can't find the previous thread about it.

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I'm not UNexcited about it, but I'm not yelling "PUT DIABLO III INSIDE ME NOW" either.