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I totally forgot about QOTW. Nah, let it rest in peace. The concept rarely panned out.

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Came in to say this. What an amazing experience that would be.

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The stalking was disturbingly satisfying despite its simplicity, the shooting was godawful, and the story in the first game was deceptively thought-provoking. I'd say the good points heavily outweigh the terrible shooter sections (as well as the super-dumb story in the sequel), and I'll keep hoping for a Manhunt 3, as unlikely as that may be. There's a lot that can still be done with the franchise, and I'd like to see it break out of its image as a "torture porn" game. Manhunt 1 was a much smarter game than it is given credit for.

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That's great, at least you have nice pets, what are there names? I've never had rats, when I was younger I had a mischievous hamster. lol

Mavis and Prudence. (named after Mavis Beacon, because lol, and "Dear Prudence", because we always have to coax her to leave the cage, haha) I'm a first-time rat owner, but I'm hooked. :D

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I just woke up a couple of hours ago (trying to undo the sleep schedule screwup from my last bout of insomnia), but spending time with my rats always makes me happy, so tonight is off to a good start.

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@ShaggE: If you are on the Blizzard forums, you've already taken a wrong turn, I'm afraid.

Yeah, that's quite true. When a community makes 4chan look composed and mature by comparison, it's probably not a good place to spend one's time.

Any suggestions for a better Diablo 3 forum? The one here is basically dead.

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@killr0y said:

my memories of the last few years worth of Bombcasts are completely wrong.

Pretty much.

Nothing's changed. Sounds like you want to hate the CBS move so badly that you'll criticize the Bombcast for being what it's always been. If you dislike the tangents, you can just say so instead of pretending that they didn't exist until now.

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Just goes to show: no sarcasm is too obvious for people to completely miss.

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I would recommend The Besties. It's a podcast run by Polygon ( With Justin McElroy who have been a guest at the bombcast a couple of times. It's a podcast where every week they each bring one game released that week and try to decide upon which game is the best and at the end of the year decide the game of the year. It's quite funny with lots of banter between them. It's nice because it's not just the same format as most other gaming podcasts.

Sold! The more McElroy, the better.

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It's FEAR all over again. I'm staying optimistic for now, but EA isn't making it easy for me to do so.