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@shagge: Can you confirm or deny the rumors (that I'm about to start) that you are, in fact, Strongbad?

Seriously, though, great job.

It's true! It's all true! *weeps uncontrollably*

Also, cheers!

Also, it's been a while since I made stupid GB stuff, so I've gotta get it out of my system:

In this piece, I wanted to explore a scenario in which Jeff confronted the embodiment of his life's work. Followers may recognize the character of "Mr. Pac Man Man" from my earlier projects. Note that this latest incarnation of Mr. Pac Man Man has a far more detailed hat, giving it a felt-like texture that was entirely on purpose, I swear.

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I voted Tetris, but you guys make really good arguments for Portal.

Of course, genres are a weird thing. Why isn't every game where you play as a character an RPG, even though you are playing a role? Why is Tetris accepted to be a puzzle game even though you can't actually "solve" the "puzzle"? Who actually plays party games at parties? If I were to throw a Hail To The Chimp party, would anybody come? ... Please? I'm lonely. Hail To The Chimp is all I know. Guys? What about Fusion Frenzy?

... What were we talking about?

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It's EarthBound... but sexier. *breathes heavily*

Or just a rom hack that adds the cut content from the Japanese version. Probably sexier as well, though.

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The game is definitely one of diminishing returns, but I don't think that damns it in any way. Most games do lose their luster after a while. As for the style of comedy it goes for, yeah, it's dumb and offensive for the sake of dumb and offensive, but that's the point: Be so cartoonishly nasty that it wraps back around to harmless. That's also what separates a "good" CAH player from a "bad" one: The good player goes for creative and not necessarily offensive responses, the bad player falls into the (intentional? I wonder) trap of hitting the gross-out and dick jokes every time. Granted, that's a matter of opinion based on who's playing and how deep you're metagaming the Card Czar's own sense of humor, but we all know how CAH is played, and I'm not going to paraphrase the rulebook.

Suffice to say, the game is what you make of it. It can be painfully bad or insanely funny, just like Apples to Apples before it. There's a reason that "Hope" became an insta-win card in so many cases for so many people, and not "big black dick".

I do have issues with some of what Max Tempkin says and does (going after critics like that is a bad look. I haven't heard JJGO's criticisms, but being familiar with Jordan and Jesse's work, I can't imagine it could have been that bad). But he seems like a decent guy, and I don't think anything he did was bad enough to boycott the game.

I mean, there's that one Cosby-esque thing, but I don't know nearly enough about it to even include it in my thoughts on Max and CAH.

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In order of preference: Over easy with hot sauce, hard boiled, scrambled with cheese and ketchup or hot sauce.

Eggs Benedict is awesome as well, but "things with eggs in or on them" is a whole other thing.

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J'accuse! *points and glares at "Matthew Rorie", if that is his real name*

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I get that it's likely a rights thing (probably the Norman Reedus likeness, as well as it being an ad for a game that'll never exist), but I still think this royally sucks. PT really is an amazing thing, and it's a damn shame that few will get to play it from now on.

Fingers crossed that my PS4 hard drive doesn't fail for a very long time.