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For a mix of genres:

Silent Hill


Deception 1, 2, and 3

Wipeout XL

Twisted Metal 2

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I wish I could help, but I find soundproofing to be a ... baffling... endeavor.

Eh? Ehhhh?

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This is the best thing. Man, I wish I had a need for some lorem ipsum paragraphs.

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Still stunned a year later. Still finding it hard to believe you won't just pop back in and say you took a year off for a super-long honeymoon. I'd be pissed, but the relief and happiness would overtake the anger immediately. Fuck, Ryan Davis... I'd have loved to have heard your thoughts on this year's E3, or your laughter at the absurd violence of Sniper Elite 3, or any of a million other things that have happened this past year.

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Man... I want to buy you all of the beers right about now. It never clicked with me that Ryan and your dad both passed on the 3rd. That's really, really rough.

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It may be Thursday, but it's also Tuuuuuuuuuuuesday.

The most I've ever interacted with Ryan was a quick e-mail exchange, but you can't watch/hear hundreds of hours of a person without being impacted by them in some way.

I was going to link that video of Ryan superimposed into Star Wars, but I still get choked up by that one. So instead, here's Ryan wearing a tiny sombrero, the way nature intended:

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I've mentioned it before, but the disappointment was so huge that I don't mind retelling it:

Maabus. FUCK, what a letdown. The trailer made it seem like the greatest thing ever pressed to CD-ROM, and I was young enough to fall for it. What I got after two years of desperately wanting it? Well, it certainly wasn't this:

It was more like an endless parade of instadeaths and guesswork, far more unforgiving (in a bad way) than even the most notorious Sierra adventures. Also a tight time limit, because of course.

And yet, although it's painful to play, I've always found it fascinating. It was such a bizarre game. I'd love to see an interview with the devs.

Edit: That said, if for some strange reason you find a copy, get it. It's really the kind of bad everyone should see for themselves.

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Up/over, then I cup my hands and throw the contents into the turlet like a hadouken.

Y'know, as people do.

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I would if I could get After Dark or other various 90s screen savers working correctly on 8.1.

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Yeah, this place is alright... I guess...*folds hands behind back, kicks dust*