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While that's not an overheat issue, you are running too hot. Do you dust your fans regularly, and vent out to an open area?

I dust it out from time to time, although I haven't gotten in and around the graphics card lately. I've been meaning to pick up a can of compressed air and get that cleaned out. The wires and cables in my case are also kind of a mess, so I figure that airflow is a problem too.

Yeah, I'd definitely get that taken care of ASAP. That's dangerously hot.

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While that's not an overheat issue, you are running too hot. Do you dust your fans regularly, and vent out to an open area?

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I use it as a term for a specific period in rock music. There's rock that's classic, and then there's Classic Rock.

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Dream Home


Decent Hong Kong shock/splatter film. It crosses the line in entertainingly OTT ways, not unlike a Takashi Miike movie, but the actual storyline is extremely lazy satire that never really lands like it should. The comedy rarely worked either, although two scenes got a good chuckle out of me despite/because of their immensely fucked up nature.

If the kills/effects weren't so masterfully done, I'd rate this much lower. But despite all that, it's still good by the standards of the subgenre. It doesn't go so far as to become just a dull gallery of gore, and when it does amp up the bloodshed, outside of two particularly drawn out and fucked up kills during the first half, it's done in a humorous fashion.

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WarCraft 2 is the beginning and end of the franchise, as far as I'm concerned. (mind you, I hate MMOs, and 3's art style. Also I couldn't care less about the story in 3, so the focus on it did nothing for me. I just want to build a base and kill orcs in generic skirmishes)

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No way I could just pick one, so a few choices:

GTA V. Not because the election i particularly great (it isn't), but because it still cracks me up that I can do absurd GTA shit while listening to All Saints or Eddie Murphy. The humor makes up for the quality. Still saddens me looking at the deleted songs, though... there was some trip hop in there, which would have been awesome.

Saints Row 3. Because of course. "Arma-Goddamn-Motherfucking-Geddon" and "Sports" especially.

Fallout 3. Way too small a rotation for a game I spent hundreds of hours in, but it gained me a huge appreciation for every song in it. Know who's still an awesome group? The Ink Spots, that's who.

San Andreas. Oh MAN, I love the San Andreas soundtrack. The rock and rap stations... man. So good.

Tony Hawk 1 and 2. 90s-gasmic.

Aaaand hugely unpopular choice: Crazy Taxi. I fucking love The Offspring. Don't judge me!

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For what it's worth, I get what you meant, and yeah, I can see the humor in it.

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Ouch... I rarely if ever go to GameSpot except to nostalgia over their 90s-era reviews, but there are (well, were...) some really talented folks there. That really sucks.

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No way. It was fine at the time, but... nah.