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Text adventure, of course.

>watch quick look

You click on the "play" button. Vinny and Alex entertain and inform you for the next hour.

>leave scathing comment about how Alex mispronounced a word at 37:42 and you'll never visit this site again due to how unprofessional it is

You slam the keys on the keyboard as you type out your disdain at the state of modern education. The rage boils inside of you more and more with each keypress. As you reach the point of explosion, you click "Post Reply" with such force that your mouse nearly shatters.

>Go outside

I do not understand 'go outside'.

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It's insane that people have to fight so hard for game preservation to be recognized as a legitimate pursuit.

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Yep, season pass. You can buy it separately or get it included with any of the premium editions.

It's $10 cheaper if you get it included with the premium edition on PSN/XBL (until release). That's the way to go, in my opinion... the normal $30 is pretty steep.

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PSN: ShaggE1771

I'm... not good at fighting games, despite my long history with MK. Expect very little challenge from me.

I'm not the type to main any characters, but if I do try to actually get decent with a character at some point, it'll probably be Jason. Or D'vorah. ... Or Sub Zero.

... Or Erron Black.

This is why I don't main.

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@cubidog1 said:
@nolastname said:

Have they mentioned when they're doing it? I'm really looking forward to what Dan(I believe) said is the worst Mario Party.

If Dan did say that then he is an idiot. I and several youtubers believe it is the best in the series.

SEVERAL Youtubers? Well shit, Dan must be wrong!

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I've never been able to finish that game for some reason. At a certain point, I just get tired of it.

I do hold it in high regard, though. The first half-ish of the game is excellent. My only real beef with it is the expression mechanic. It goes from cartoonishly exaggerated to... not subtle, exactly, but more open to interpretation. It just doesn't work quite right.

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I'm totally happy with it (minus the lack of Baraka and playable Fujin). Yeah, some of my favorites are missing, but most of the newbies are exciting enough for me to not mind their absence.

Only 9 more days... *jiggles with anticipation*

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All the time. It always kills me when great games (and movies, music, books, etc.) are judged by their release date. It's perfectly fine to be a one-and-done type of person, or to just not enjoy outdated graphics and gameplay, of course. I think you're crazy, but I get it. :P

But when people go as far as to poo-poo a game that's more than a month old just because it's not the hot new thing... gah, that's absolutely insane to me.

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I tried like hell to get into an MK vs. DC match with them, but no dice.

Ryan shared a dumb joke I made during one of the Bad Company TNTs though, so I kiiiind of participated in a TNT? Kinda?