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Certainly helped sway my decision. This game's aesthetic speaks to me so hard. I almost don't care if it's good or bad, as long as I can blissfully roam around that world.

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I'll be having quite the movie marathon, as I just received the Puppet Master & Killjoy Collection from Amazon. First nine Puppet Masters and first three Killjoys... so much wonderful schlock, and no doubt compressed all to hell being that all 12 movies are stuffed onto three discs... but hey, movies like these *should* look somewhat shitty. Although I hear that the transfer of Puppet Master 2 is truly awful, which is a shame, as that's one of the best in the series. But hey, two bucks. Not going to complain.

Also replaced my long-missing copy of Freddy vs. Jason, so I'll probably watch that as well. Which will no doubt put me in the mood to bust out the Elm Street box set... gah, not enough hours in the day...

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When Alex says "Do a thing".

When Brad yawns during a livestream.

When Brad says he needs to stop jawing during a QL, then continues to run around in circles/poke at menus while jawing.

When Brad regrets an email choice during a Bombcast.

When Vinny messes with a game's animations/physics/instructions.

When Vinny says "Oh, sugar!" instead of "Oh, shit!"

When Jeff expresses sarcastic enthusiasm.

When "Creeper Jeff" appears.

When Dan... shit... just "When Dan". Everything he does is worthy of a swig.

When Drew's joke gets unnoticed by the whole crew.

When Drew quotes a movie for Dan's appreciation (and vice versa).

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Oh man... if this means a new Rock Band (probably not, but why put out new Rock Band DLC after giving it such a big sendoff if it's not to build hype for something?) I will be ever so happy.

The question is, though: How? The costs of making a new Rock Band would surely far outweigh those of us still interested in a new Rock Band, right? And even those of us interested are probably not exactly champing at the bit to buy new plastic instruments. But there would have to be new instruments, because a new sequel would have to be at least cross-gen if not current gen only.

So yeah... if it IS that, fucking awesome. I still adore rhythm games. But I'm not exactly holding my breath, either... ah well. We shall see if anything comes of this.

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@shadowconqueror said:

People commonly cite Kevin Bacon as being in Footloose. Kevin Bacon was not, in fact, in Footloose.

Who is this then?

Bruce Vilanch.

Kevin Bacon was busy filming Ernest Goes To Jail, a three-time Grammy winning comedy from 1947 about a nerdy professor becoming a suave playboy via a formula he invented, not to be confused with the remake starring Kelsey Grammer of "Friends" fame (he played the iconic role of Steve Urkel).

Source: The post I just wrote.

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Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead - 4/5

I'm as sick of zombies as the next guy, but the Nazi zombies in the Dead Snow movies are barely zombies in the traditional sense anyway, so they get a pass there. Of course, even if they were straight up Romero zombies, the OTT gore and comedy make up for it. The first movie was funny and enjoyable enough, but the sequel is a modern-day Dead Alive in terms of both laughs and grotesquerie.

It's dumb as hell, and it knows and flaunts it. See this thing.

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I haven't seen this big of a leap since Mario.

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Can I just give some props to that alliteration in the title? I passed by this thread four times before it struck me.

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I recently bought and got hooked on Battlefield 3 and 4, so yyyyyup. Last multiplayer FPS I had this much fun in was Soldier of Fortune 2. (the only multiplayer I really pushed myself in and got good at)

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Flagged for incendiary and misleading title.

(kidding, of course... WoW isn't exactly my thing, but those are some primo puppy pics)