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I've got an extra Bioshock key if anyone's interested.

Edit: Aaaand gone.

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Thomas Was Alone is still in my to-play queue, but yeah, Hotline Miami was great. I can't imagine how that game plays with a controller, though... I'm sure it works fine, just seems odd when I picture it.

Lone Survivor... man... I tried it on PC, tried again on PS3, but I just can't get into it. I love, love, love Silent Hill, but this did nothing for me. (doesn't help that I can't not see that facemask as a giant cartoonish grin)

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@shagge: Random PC Game was mostly a Dave thing unfortunately. Totally up for FMVinny though.

Sure, but is it unreasonable to ask them to forcibly hire Dave back for my amusement?

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They're getting used to the new office (heeeey, that actually kind of works again!).

But yeah, if nothing else, just bring back Random PC Game and Spookin', and I'll be happy. Or make FMVinny a thing.

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@truthtellah: That's great to hear. A healthy mix of gallows humor, self-awareness, and a love of the dumb can really be helpful for one's own morale.

@humanity: Yep. I even got the "message posted" post-posting message, and then nada. Usually when that happens, it spits it out after a minute or two, but no dice this time.

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Grrr,, a website about video games, ate my post.


Stay positive (he says to the most positive person on the internet). I'm a big believer in outlook affecting outcome, especially in medical matters.

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Not sure if this really counts, since I've played Fatal Frame 2, but I picked up Fatal Frame 1 and 3 on PSN last night. Started playing 3 for a couple hours (because fuck continuity), and man... I am seriously impressed. FF2 was creepy as hell, but never quite "scary". FF3, right out of the gate, is all about "Ohshitwhatisthatbackawayslowlyohshit" moments, and the kind of Silent Hill 4-esque setup really appeals to me.

I was expecting a fairly run-of-the-mill but moderately creepier than average survival horror game, not this. Very happy indeed, especially considering how disappointed I was in DreadOut.

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I'm pretty broken up about finding out tonight that my friend is dying and needs help with her medical bills, but talking about this has helped a bit.

I'm sorry to hear that, duder. :( If I had any money to send right now, I'd be on that in a heartbeat.

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I never realized how many people here have never spent a dollar or two on something frivolous. Interesting. Especially on a gaming site.

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Alternative, industrial, goth rock, rap, trip-hop, and steampunk (yeah, it's not just goggles and cogs anymore, we've invaded music as well) are my favorites, and the 80s and 90s are my decades of choice (although I'm rather fond of the 30s and 40s too).

Edit: I by no means limit myself to the above. For instance, I was on a HUGE Regina Spektor kick recently.