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Ouch... I rarely if ever go to GameSpot except to nostalgia over their 90s-era reviews, but there are (well, were...) some really talented folks there. That really sucks.

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No way. It was fine at the time, but... nah.

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Is that the 1999 Nightmare box set I see? Patrick, my man! You know what's up. None of that half-assed Blu-Ray box set.

Yeah, though I think we lost a disc in a move. I wish every major horror series had decent Blu-ray collections, but it's all over the map. So exploitative.

As long as it wasn't the Encyclopedia disc, haha.

And yeah, I agree. The Friday the 13th BR set is absolutely incredible by comparison, and is on my must-have list. The Nightmare one is only interesting for having two (poorly transferred) episodes of Freddy's Nightmares. I'd never have even given it a second look if I weren't planning a full-blown collection of all things Nightmare.

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Is that the 1999 Nightmare box set I see? Patrick, my man! You know what's up. None of that half-assed Blu-Ray box set.

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Correction on "R": I think that's actually Rampage.

And yeah, the ones you left blank are the same ones I'm stuck on.

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You weren't kidding. Got pants-wetting drunk prior to reading, and now I'm sober as a judge.

But really, going to give this a proper read now. Any interview that starts with Hellraiser is an interview I'm invested in.

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I think the hate is a bit overblown. They're just a kind of silly gimmick duo with some crazy fans. Like you, I know some decent, upstanding, intelligent folks that identify as juggalos/lettes. Yeah, there are plenty that fit the stereotype, and Psychopathic Records has gotten up to some pretty abhorrent behavior if some recent stories are true, but just from a music standpoint: Meh. They've put out some funny stuff, and some awful stuff. I'll listen to Riddlebox or something without shame, but I greatly prefer Twiztid, who are legitimately good rappers.

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Hope it's up soon. Velvet Sundown may be one of my favorite things so far this year.

Edit: In fact, if you haven't played it yet, go do that while you wait for the QL. Seriously, this fucking game, man. This fucking game.

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As a late adopter, I'm still having my pants charmed off by LBP2 and Karting, but I'm definitely down for more.

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@rockyraccoon37: Give it a while, it's a-loadin'. I thought the same thing at first.

Prepare yourself, though: There's another one equally as long after you pick a town.