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Weird, it's like he works there or something. :P

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Kinda janky as of now, but obscure DOS (and early Windows) games are kind of my bread and butter, so this is absolutely awesome.

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They've definitely not done Blood, although they did play Redneck Rampage on UPF, another Build game with dynamite... maybe you're thinking of that?

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Probably nothing until tomorrow's Bombcast. I forget how it went down in years past, but I'd be surprised if we get anything today.

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@wjb said:

Much like Ryan, Jeff's younger voice is fucking weird.

I'll never get used to how high his voice was. Doesn't help that for a second here and there, he sounds exactly as he does now, and then the pitch raises again.

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Jeff appears at 1:23 and 4:45 to tell us the hot scoops on NFL Blitz 2000 and Ready 2 Rumble. Also, the rest of the video is well worth watching. A few other known names are involved as well, including Gamespot's own Ryan MacDonald.

Imagine the shitstorm if he were to do a video like this today. Doritogate all over again. Of course, it would be worth it to see current Jeff hype games for a promo video. "YEAH! FUCKING READY 2 RUMBLE! LET'S GO! I PUNCHED A GUY, MAN! AFRO THUNDER! FUCKING YEAH!"

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1. Shooters - If I never hear another character say "Oscar mike", it'll be too soon. But outside of that subgenre (save for Battlefield, which I love) there will always be a special place in my heart for FPS and TPS games, especially of the old-school variety.

2. Horror - I've made my love of horror very clear here already, but I'll say again that the horror genre is one of my absolute favorite things in life, and when you add gameplay to it, I'm there with bells on.

3. Point n' Click Adventures - Especially the weird and offbeat ones like The Neverhood or Obsidian. There is nothing quite like a good adventure game.

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@mb said:

Guys I was going to close this, but it says right on the first line to please let him have it and it's a meltdown post so...I guess my hands are tied.

Oh god, he's figured out the mod killswitch!

Shut the site down, everybody, we're gonna have to start fresh.

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@bob1950 said:
@shagge said:

I love how this rant seems predicated on the idea that Giant Bomb somehow stole Dan against his will.

Not really, I addressed that point in my original comment.

And yet you fly off the handle at us and at GB for Dan being here. If you truly believed and accepted that Dan is here out of his own free will, then your post would have been quite a bit different.