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I tried like hell to get into an MK vs. DC match with them, but no dice.

Ryan shared a dumb joke I made during one of the Bad Company TNTs though, so I kiiiind of participated in a TNT? Kinda?

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Just decide to not be sick, Dan. Knowing your mastery of magical thinking, Steve Austin, Bruce Springsteen and David Hayter will suddenly materialize in front of you and cure you instantly, then buy you a beer and a winning lottery ticket.

For real, though, get well soon.

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It's high goddamn time we as a people welcome a new Family Matters into our arms. It's a rare condition this day and age to read any good news on the newspaper page. And love and tradition of a grand design? Well, let me tell you something: Some people say it's even harder to find.

Be my tower of dreams, Family Matters. There MUST be some magic clue inside these gentle walls!

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I never noticed that... huh. To be fair, it's ostensibly Brad just doing Brad things. And Brad things are definitely a thing. Something something "hot garbage". And whatever constant turn of phrase Vinny has that I can't think of off-hand.

I have started to notice that when Jeff is about to summarize his thoughts, he always starts with a variation of "Well, whatever", though. So that's a thing. A fair thing. ...



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I have no keyboard.

I have no headset.

I have an avatar doing the Running Man endlessly.

... Why is Home shutting down again? Turns out it's magical.

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I like hats. I dislike fedoras (that aren't being worn by Freddy Kreuger, that is) and trilbys. I won't wear either. If others wear them, cool. I'm not them. If a person wearing a fedora is indeed a person the likes of which fit the stereotype, I'll judge them by their actions, not their hat.

Also, on the hipster side of things, I've seen far more hipsters (real hipsters, not "anybody who I dislike", as the term has grown to mean) wearing flat caps and newsboys than trilbys and fedoras. But that might be a regional thing for all I know.

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That's awesome to hear! Unfortunately my PS4 can barely pull my Wifi signal (although my PS3 does just fine), and a physical connection is out of the question here, so I'll have to wait until I find a solution. But when I do, I'm super excited for Spotify. I've been wanting Spotify on consoles ever since hit 360.

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Wrestling crowds are always fascinating to me for some reason. I love looking for particularly entertaining or weird people in the audience when the action in the ring is slow or the bad kind of dumb. But nothing beats a giant happy Dan Ryckert head bobbing around. Especially since you just know he's making that exact same facial expression the whole time.

WWE '16 needs to include the Dan head in the audience. Maybe as a weapon, too.

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... Dan is Gene Shalit in this scenario, right?

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I totally would, but I'd rather it be a video feature.