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Watch Dogs has some stuff like that throughout.

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Oh god... I'm not good under pressure... umm... ummm... Halo!


I blewed it. :(

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Thank you, based Hiruko!

Thank you very much, Mr. Hiruko! For doing the jobs nobody wants to!

Edit: Any chance that Hiruko could be given a lifetime subscription for his heroic deeds here today? Maybe Patrick could do an interview with him.

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WAAAGH! OKAY, I WON'T, GODDAMN! *throws away prototype, hyperventilates in terror*

... Oh, in the game. And nearly four years ago. Well, shit.

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Blood 3.

MDK 3.

A new Neverhood game, preferably in the adventure genre. Skullmonkeys was cool, but it didn't have that same somethin' somethin' as the original.

DJ Hero 3.

Hugo's House of Horrors 4: Nitemare 3D 2 (I kid, but I'd seriously flip my shit)

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... Huh. So, an expansion. Not what I was hoping for, but I'm in.

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Please, please be the game I'm picturing in my head right now. SR with a horror comedy bent could be fantastic. I just hope they don't feel the need to "top" SR4. You can't go too much zanier than 4 without it just being a complete jumble of nonsense.

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Thought this was going to be about that wonderful discovery when you find out that Redbook audio works in CD players.

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I could not have stumbled across a better thread.

I love this website and its boundless ghost problems.

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Played a few matches, kinda liked it.

Watched Brad play a couple times, found it semi-amusing.

I don't watch or play Dota anymore.

Sooooo... yes-ish? Kinda?