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Been a while (It's been a whiiile!) since I was this excited for a PS+ game. Everything I've seen about this game looks fantastic.

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@ripelivejam: You win the opportunity to experience Arkham Asylum for the first time, you lucky duck, you.

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I hope that once they're done with Metal Gear, Drew gets to turn it back around on Dan and introduce him to a series of complex sim games or something. The Drew and Dan teamup (the Dan & Scan Connection?) is too good to not use at every opportunity.

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Buy some CDs. Physical-ass CDs. Used, new, whatever. I find I'm much more likely to get way into an album if I paid moneydollars for it and it's taking up real space in my apartment, taunting me to pop it in. Even if I don't like the album, I feel compelled to really consider why instead of just moving on to the next thing. Same with games and whatnot.

Digital is great. I love Spotify, Steam sales, etc., but it makes it too easy to never give anything a fair shake if it doesn't grab me immediately.

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I play at least a little original Rise of the Triad every year, so that's probably the oldest I *actively* play. That game just never stops being fun.

I'm always playing old games in general. I admit that my glasses are a wee bit rose-tinted here, but 90s PC games, man... there's just something about 'em. I'm playing Realms of the Haunting off and on recently, and even though I missed it in its day, I get a big dumb grin on my face playing it. (also, how did I never play this back then!? A horror-themed FMV adventure game that's also an FPS? How in the worldwide pants did that pass under my radar? I remember seeing it on shelves... what the hell put me off of it?)

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Mad Max: Fury Road - 5/5

Fuuuuuuuck. That movie was FUN.

Insidious: Chapter 3 - 2/5

Better than the second one, still silly as hell. I appreciate them attempting to recapture the creepy-ass first half of the first movie, and the scares weren't *bad*, they just weren't effective. But as always, it all gets a bit lame once they go back to the Further. And it pulls the same Youtube-crowd-pandering readymade GIF material shit that Sinister and Curse of Chucky did, which instantly cheapens horror movies both good and bad.

I guess I should accept that the Insidious movies are softball horror movies for teens, but I want to like them so badly. Lin Shaye is awesome, and they have some nifty ideas. But then you get stuff like Matrix-y Lin Shaye beating up Veil Face Lady and I just hate everything.

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I'd certainly give it a shot. It's far different than any format I've ever written, but it would be fun to try.

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Part of me wants to just be saddened and angered by the backlash in certain circles, but fuck 'em, let them throw their fits and cite the same tired and hilariously flawed "slippery slope" arguments. This is a great day. The fight is far from over, but when I think about how many of my gay friends have just had their dreams come true, all I can be right now is happy.

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I love that his neck is melting onto his shirt collar. It's the little touches that make a hellish abomination really stand out, y'know?