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@n7: Ha! Yeah, I think you might enjoy it then. I can imagine that I'll still be into the nemesis system long after I've done literally everything else in the game. It never stops being satisfying to have this whole mini-history with a particularly bothersome orc.

As for Troy Baker, any man that can growl "Lick my asshole, asshole!" with the gravitas of a person who truly KNOWS the joys and sorrows of being an alligator in the USAF is a man who I would follow to the ends of the earth.

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I want Shadow of Mordor to hurry up and get here, but I'm scared I might start to feel fatigued by open world games. There's only so many collectibles before you break, man. Only so many...

Not to scare you away from it, as Mordor is fucking fantastic, but it's some open world-ass open world. Distractions: The Game would be a good alternate title for it. I'm the type of person that saves side stuff for the end, but Mordor does a scarily good job at making you think "Welllll, I should just clear this area completely since I'm right here... and over there is a nemesis... oh hey, that plant I need! Oh, but wait, there's an artifact over there. Ooh, a crowd of orcs! Let's blow 'em up! I leveled? Well, now I have to play with my new power..." and suddenly it's 11 at night and you've accomplished nothing but getting a bunch of pretty pictures because photo modes are the best.

Like I said in the thread for The Order, I am so ready for a short linear game right about now.

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Oh thank god, another Anita thread. I was starting to worry that people wouldn't have a place to argue about her.

At least this one starts from a different angle. Sadly, that angle boils down to "You can't care about two things at once, and your problems are inconsequential if somebody else is going through something worse", which is, of course, absurd.

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I haven't played Second Son, but I have played First Light (thanks, PS+) and really enjoyed it. Funny thing is, I was hugely unimpressed by Infamous 2. Just didn't care for it at all. I can't even say what made the difference for me. I liked Fetch more than Cole (quite a bit more Fetching as well, AMIRITE FELLAS), but surely that couldn't have been the tipping point... the gameplay is still pretty much the same, so that can't be it... I don't know. Maybe First Light just happened to click for me, and if I go back to Infamous 2 I'll end up enjoying it this time.

I do want to give Second Son a wiggle, but I'm playing through two separate open world games at the moment (Mordor and Saints Row 4), with the rest of AssCreed4 waiting in the wings, so the last thing I need right now is yet another one.

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Hey man, I'm, like, totally hip to the Nintendo games (can you believe how they tightened up the graphics on level 3 of The Marios? Way radical!) and I think this Law & Order, a fine NBC property, is pretty tight yo. They, like, totally opened up my eyes to the world with this episode, dudebrothers. Now, instead of my life being totally GAME OVER, I became a law abiding productive citizen! No more lazy days in front of the Xstation playing The Sonics for me, thank you! And best of all, brocanos, I saw a real life woman yesterday (not made of pixels, that is! LOL! ;D ) and I didn't fly into a frenzy of rage and sexual frustration! Way cool! I even quit the MTVs and the jazz cigarettes!

See you bodacious bro brothers on the flip side!


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Personally, I feel that's about the sweet spot (5-8) for an FPS

Sure, but what about a TPS like The Order? (sorry, couldn't resist)

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@dussck said:

And although I'm a fan of the classic 3rd person survival horror game, I also want more of PT. Being in first person and walking slowly through that kind of realistic haunted environment was a great experience.

Agreed. I'm hoping like hell the finished game has more to do with PT's story and gameplay than they're letting on. At least the style of scares, anyway. The barely visible ghost watching from the banister still gives me chills just thinking about it. As much as I adore Silent Hill, nothing in that entire franchise was even close to being as scary as PT.

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I feel like this needs to be read aloud over clips from the QL. Somebody get Morgan Freeman on the horn. Or if he's not available, Gilbert Gottfried.

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Oof... kinda want to play Quake 2 now. I'm never going to finish my backlog, am I?

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Definitely, although it'll be a rental. Steampunk Gears of War sounds right up my alley and I'm ready for a short tight game after a long stretch of open-worlds and lengthy games.

As usual, if it's good enough I'll buy it after renting, but not at full price if the word about it being five hours is true. I don't put much stock in dollar-to-hour value, but I have limits. Especially now that we're coming into a number of must-haves getting released.