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I think Evolve's great! It's a fun team game as the hunters and it can be extremely tense and heart pounding playing as the monster. For me, it really reminds me of playing AvP at LAN parties when I was first getting into PC games. It feels like a MOBA in some ways in that there's plenty to learn about each class, each hunter, and each monster. Evolve will be an amazing game for LAN parties if you can assemble 4 or 5 people who own the game. It's actually perfect for the way the Giant Bomb guys play games and as much as they are known to enjoy FPS games, I haven't really figured out why they aren't playing it. I'd really like to see a quick look or Unprofessional Friday where the whole crew is in a game together taking on random player monsters (maybe get Vinny on the monster!), I'd be interested to see if they actually try to coordinate what they're doing as hunters because that's when the game gets really good.

So many people are bent about the price and DLC scheme, but personally I think there is plenty of content in the base game and everything you buy will be balanced with the base game anyway. I understand the disgust at the $20+ prices for the DLC, but I did the deluxe edition where you get the next pack of hunters and the Behemoth monster, I paid 80 bucks and I don't really plan on buying more DLC and just using what I got. I'm not really all that worried about someone buying a DLC monster or something and being any better off than I am. The character pick at the beginning of each match is a strategy all its own. For example, it helps to have tier 3 hunters unlocked, but I've found that tier 1 hunters can actually be the best pick for certain monsters or game modes.

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Steam ID: Shaggy_Dude

Add me and send an invite if you need another hunter to queue with. This reddit thread has a lot of good players too, I added about 5 of them and had full games all night last night, everyone was cool. I'm going to try to stick with Evolve for awhile, and I play in the evening, Central Standard Time.

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I framed my giant bomb poster signed by the crew and keep it hanging in my office at home. I wear my members shirts pretty regularly. I've had people ask about Bombduders, especially at the disc golf course!

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I really liked this first season of Marco Polo. If you liked the "Rome" series, or Kung Fu movies in general it's totally worth checking out.

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More updates, I say! To all games, always! Sometimes they may fuck things up in a patch, but you know they will come out with a hot-fix! You can get even more updates for Starbound if you change your beta properties in Steam to "unstable" or "nightly". It's actually kindof cool that the "Stable" branch has been getting updates at all. Unstable and nightly have been kindof sketchy the past few months, like the game sometimes would throw errors and performance was bad. I believe the patch yesterday was for 800MB and today's was about 115MB, the game has a lot of new stuff and the performance seems better.

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That delay is hot garbage. That blog post is a real gem, too. I'll admit I'm pretty pissed about all this at this point, but I translated their PR-speak as, "Apologies, but PC players will have to wait a few months to play because we're STILL trying to put heists in the game! And who knows? Actually we already know, but maybe we'll let YOU know all about another NEW release date in the month of March! Btw, consoles are getting heists before the pc version even releases! Here's some specs, 65GB of WTF! 4K! Get hype! GTA 5 at full retail price! Again!"

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I've played more multiplayer than campaign at this point. It's strange, but I have much higher level loot in multi than in campaign. I like that you can sit down and play a match that lasts about 20 minutes, if your group is good and make it through all waves, you get more gold. It works well with randoms or friends, the matchmaking is good in case you don't have 3 friends.

The concept of using gold to buy chests isn't new if you remember the loot in mass effect 3, it's just like it. My strategy is to save up enough gold through matches to buy the biggest loot chest for 1200g, rinse and repeat. At first I was put off by the loot grind like most people. I was getting level 5 gear white and blue items and had played a LOT, like 10+ hours into it, my characters were like level 18 and this loot was only level 5. Eventually I did start to see higher level stuff, and noone knows for sure, but i suspect it starts upping your item level discovery after you prestige your characters. Maybe it just took a lot of duds before I saw good loot coming out of those chests or maybe it raises the quality of loot if you pay real $ for chests? Only Bioware knows! Now that I have prestiged 3 characters I am regularly finding level 20 items, level 22 items (highest level at the moment) and epic items (I still haven't found a levl 22 epic item).

The loot truly determines the strength of your character in multiplayer more than anything though. You can be level 3 and wear the same loot as a level 20. Your loot stays persistent when you prestige. The highest level of play is just popping open more loot chests between matches, eventually you find unique purple loot, some of which gives your characters entirely new abilities. The best unique I have found so far is a staff that has a % chance to apply living bomb. Since I can equip that staff on any of my mages, I can essentially give any of them walking bomb, but the necromancer class is usually the only class that has the spell. It's an interesting wrinkle, and I'm looking forward to finding more of them.

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It's easiest if you open the sliders on a separate device like your laptop or a phone, so you can look at the them side by side with whatever screen you're playing on. I made a pretty accurate Daenerys from the sliders and now I'm playing through further with her than I did with my first character. The british female voice actor goes perfectly with her. I took some screenshots of her today:

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For anyone curious about making a good looking premade inquisitor, a sub-reddit has spawned called Inquisition Sliders where people are sharing the formulas for their inquisitor faces. The Daenerys Targaryen face made it to some popular blogs, but some of the other game of thrones characters have been posted recently like Brienne of Tarth, The Hound and a pretty good looking Margaery Tyrell. Commander Shepard, Troy Baker, Benedict Cumberbatch, Vin Diesel! I'm hoping someone whips up a good Sean Bean. I might have to try ALL of them... I'm somewhat kidding, but looking through some of these has convinced me I should play through the game a few more times.

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Well, I was casually interested in this game, but now I think I can wait to experience their curated and fully evolved universe once it's on a steam sale.