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Welp all I know is that I've been playing for about 15+ hours and neither yenn or triss seem interested in Geralt or even discussing the possibility of hooking up, so I don't even know if there are romance options in this game. I still haven't located Ciri so maybe Geralt's luck might change once he's got his daughter back.

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The only weaponsmith I have found is that guy in the nilfgaardian encampment, and it gives me a message that he's too low level at crafting to make the diagram I have for the griffin silver sword. Anyone else find another weaponsmith? I think I ran into an elven smith in Novigrad, but his quest is like level 24. Anyone happen to do his quest and see what he crafts?

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There's a few things you can try. Without knowing what your settings are, here are some general things I did to get the game running 60fps at 1080p:

  • Reinstalling actually works. I was getting some weird DirectX errors and crashes to desktop, the game launcher will actually recommend you reinstall. I did and I haven't seen those errors again. There's an easy way to reinstall without downloading 60GB worth of files again!
  • If you want to install the game without re-downloading all the files you have to "Backup" GTA V to a hard drive where you have 60GB of space. Its not a matter of just copy pasting the files, you have to do the backup inside of Steam. You tell steam where to backup the files, then "delete local files" from your library, then run a "Restore" and Steam uses the backup to reinstall the game wherever you want. In the client it's under the "Steam" menu, then click "Backup/Restore Games..."
  • I noticed that the graphics revert to 1080p 30 when i use windowed borderless, but goes full 60hz in fullscreen.
  • Try setting shadow quality to "Normal" and Soft Shadows to "Softer." I gained the most fps just lowering the shadow settings!
  • Put Distance Scaling, Population Density and Pop Variety all at 50%.
  • Try taking texture quality down a step from what you're at now, but keep everything else high or very high, tesselation on, grass quality very high, etc. I ended up at a Texture quality of "High." Very High looks pretty, but brings me down to 30-40fps instead of 60-70.
  • Turn your AA completely off, then increment it up and watch the fps drops. FXAA will be the lowest cost, 2x MSAA is next highest I use, the highest I use is 2xMSAA+TXAA.
  • This might sound dumb if you know how anti-aliasing works, but some people enable both of these settings. If you have MSAA enabled, turn off FXAA. Same goes the other way. There's no reason to use both of these settings over top of each other.
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I noticed in the nvidia Geforce Experience they recommend Distance Scaling at 100%, Extended Distance Scaling at 30%, and extended shadows at 30% instead of all maxed out, so I adjusted that and gained about 10-20fps. I took distance scaling down to 30 too since I couldnt tell that maxing it did much and gained about 10 more fps.

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I found out about Giant Bomb from 1UP Yours. Christmas 2008, the Giant Bomb crew appeared on a 2 part holiday special (Part 1 and Part 2). I had heard of Jeff before (probably because they talked about him being fired on 1UP Yours) but I had never really followed his work at Gamespot or knew about Giant Bomb. I like to go back and listen to this particular podcast for a lot of reasons. Sometimes just to remember what I was playing in 2008, a memory jog of what the giant bomb guys GOTYs of 2008 were, or just to hear Shane Bettenhausen defending the PS3 circa 2008. It kinda bums me out that most of those guys aren't writing about games or even podcasting anymore, but I'm also glad Giant Bomb is still going strong!

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I'm seeing decent performance with a i5 2500k, 8GB of RAM and a GTX 660. I get 50-60fps with vsync enabled, most settings on High or Very High, at 1920x1080. I've seen the game throw a couple weird errors tonight, but I've been doing mostly GTA Online and I really expected it to be non-functional on day 1. I'm curious how the servers hold up, or maybe it wont be a problem. I think at US prime time there were something like 200k people playing, which is probably nothing compared to how many people bought GTA 5 for 360/PS3 and loaded it up right after the release.

As someone who has played the online quite a bit, but hasn't played it on new consoles, I liked seeing all my cars and apartments in crazy high detail, including the interiors of my cars. I mostly just drove around and tried to take some good screenshots. The heists were working, and I was seeing very little lag as long as i wasn't in lobbies with a lot of people. Controller support is really great, I can't fly the heli for crap unless I have a controller, and I was happy it lets you fully hot-swap, so you can use a controller to drive and mouse and kb to shoot if you want, on the fly without having to pause and switch inputs. I used a dual shock 4, and the game recognized it as soon as i started pressing buttons on it and changed all the tooltips to button icons.

I think the social club site stayed up and working for me all night and I had no problem transferring my characters from PS3 over to PC right after I installed and unpacked the files on steam. There are a couple weird things that kindof annoy me where rockstar is side-stepping steam. I don't really like that the friends list in the game is tied into social club instead of steam, and your player handle is your social club nickname and not your steam name.

It took a little hunting but I got the "Self Radio" going. After hearing that same soundtrack over and over on PS3, it's a nice change to hear my own music playing while driving or blaring out of the radio in the apartment. The path you drop your mp3s into for your personal radio station is "User/Documents/Rockstar Games/GTA V/User Music".

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I think Evolve's great! It's a fun team game as the hunters and it can be extremely tense and heart pounding playing as the monster. For me, it really reminds me of playing AvP at LAN parties when I was first getting into PC games. It feels like a MOBA in some ways in that there's plenty to learn about each class, each hunter, and each monster. Evolve will be an amazing game for LAN parties if you can assemble 4 or 5 people who own the game. It's actually perfect for the way the Giant Bomb guys play games and as much as they are known to enjoy FPS games, I haven't really figured out why they aren't playing it. I'd really like to see a quick look or Unprofessional Friday where the whole crew is in a game together taking on random player monsters (maybe get Vinny on the monster!), I'd be interested to see if they actually try to coordinate what they're doing as hunters because that's when the game gets really good.

So many people are bent about the price and DLC scheme, but personally I think there is plenty of content in the base game and everything you buy will be balanced with the base game anyway. I understand the disgust at the $20+ prices for the DLC, but I did the deluxe edition where you get the next pack of hunters and the Behemoth monster, I paid 80 bucks and I don't really plan on buying more DLC and just using what I got. I'm not really all that worried about someone buying a DLC monster or something and being any better off than I am. The character pick at the beginning of each match is a strategy all its own. For example, it helps to have tier 3 hunters unlocked, but I've found that tier 1 hunters can actually be the best pick for certain monsters or game modes.

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Steam ID: Shaggy_Dude

Add me and send an invite if you need another hunter to queue with. This reddit thread has a lot of good players too, I added about 5 of them and had full games all night last night, everyone was cool. I'm going to try to stick with Evolve for awhile, and I play in the evening, Central Standard Time.

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I framed my giant bomb poster signed by the crew and keep it hanging in my office at home. I wear my members shirts pretty regularly. I've had people ask about Bombduders, especially at the disc golf course!

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I really liked this first season of Marco Polo. If you liked the "Rome" series, or Kung Fu movies in general it's totally worth checking out.