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I've been going all Game of Thrones with my characters on PC. My first character is a dex build named Bronn who became a King in my story! And I just started a red sorceress named Melisandre. Bronn isn't really as close to the actor from the tv show as I'd like, but I think I got Melisandre pretty close.

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Durante's already got a tool that allows for texture modding and some other tweaks similar to DSfix and it's working with Dark Souls 2. It's called GeDoSaTo. He wrote up an article about what it does on PC Gamer here.

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The thing about Cersei is that she's terrible at the game of thrones, but she thinks she's just as good as Tywin. Both Tywin and Tyrion have had lines in the show telling her straight to her face that she is not as clever as she thinks she is. All her power comes from her sons and her family (more specifically her daddy's army) and yet her sons' royal lineage is one big lie and she is shit at raising all of her kids. The worst part is that she makes enemies out of everyone including her own brothers and Pycell (who says repeatedly that all he's ever done as Grand Maester is help the Lannisters).


Even though a casual watcher of the show might think she's a major player, I love how Cersei's arrogance and volatility have been manipulated by Little Finger since the jump off of the entire series. Pitting the Starks against the Lannisters, and now the Lannisters against each other is master stroke, and I wonder if he originally intended that Cersei would blame the Tyrells for the Purple wedding but Tyrion's cup bearing is just a dumb accident.

I also thought it was awesome that in this whole last episode Varys is just constantly on edge and he's probably thinking "Little Finger doesn't just leave Kings Landing without a scheme in place, he's not at this wedding so something bad is going to happen, holy shit I hope I don't get blamed for this shit."

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@xyzygy: Roose sends Locke off to find either one of the stark boys. Rickon is still in the North at this point while Bran is now beyond the wall. I just meant that Jaime or someone loyal to the Lannisters might take Locke's head before he can complete his mission.

You're right about the book's events, but the show is totally deviated at this point when you're talking about how things might play out with Jaime, Brienne, Gendry, and even the Hound had a big deviation in episode 1 (In the book, The Hound get's injured in that fight and Arya helps patch him up. Then she robs him of his money and horse and heads to Saltpans alone). Just the fact that Roose knows the Stark children are alive is waaaaay different than the books events.

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@xyzygy: Yeah, I don't think anyone has even said his name in the show. I think Jaime just calls him "Roose Bolton's Goat" at some point. I'm guessing there's going to be some kind of revenge plot where Jaime tracks this guy down before he can find Rickon. If Locke actually goes to Castle Black looking for Starks, I can't imagine that ending well for him either.

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Last night's episode was great. I couldn't believe how much they crammed into an hour. I really liked the scene at the Dreadfort. A similar scene happens in the book when Roose returns home, minus the close shave. I don't remember how Reek learns of Robb Stark's death in the book but that was a great way to do it. I'm interested to see how the Locke character (dude who cut off Jaime's hand) plays out, considering in the book this character just stays at Harrenhal and ends up tortured and dead. His hunt for the Stark heirs could be interesting.

I love the entire scene with Bronn and Jaime. Every scene with Bronn so far this season has been great, and I liked his explanation of how he found a secluded place to sword fight. This is another great change from the book since Jaime trains with Ser Ilyn Payne and I could really care less about that dude.

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Remember the giants. I was stuck in the very end of the game and had no idea where to go until I looked at a walkthrough. If you really want to know what the giants are good for, or you're stuck, you might want to read these spoilers:

After you speak to the ancient dragon, you can revisit the 3 different giants that look like trees with a special item (The Ashen Mist Heart) to delve into their memories. The purple crystal that shows up after you defeat the dukes dear freja is also a memory.

At the very end of each memory you will find a Giant Soul. You might have tried to fight King Vendrick and thought he was a huge pain in the ass. Well, If you keep all these Giant Souls for the fight against Vendrick it reduces his defenses and actually makes it a manageable fight.

The last memory is behind the Kings Seal in Forest of the Giants and you will have to fight the Giant Lord. The item he drops allows you to fight the very last boss at the Throne of Want in Drangleic Castle.

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It's really a trial and error system, especially with how summoning and invading works with covenants. It's not really explained in the game and you just have to try it to figure a lot of this stuff out. And now with the invading covenants like the bell keepers and the rats, they try you out.

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I would wait to upgrade with the dragon bones until you meet Ornifex, because she has even more boss soul weapons and you will have more boss souls by the time you find her. I'm doing a Strength build and she's got a butcher knife with life drain and a hammer that requires 50 Str. The Smelter Sword is probably my favorite boss soul weapon I've tried so far, but it's pretty heavy and it degrades quickly.

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I like the ADP poison bonus! I read about it in the guide and went full +10 poison weapon. I started raising ADP today and my poison weapons are wrecking shit and I'm not even up to 20 yet.