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It's just the sauce man... other than that it's just small.

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Was looking forward to Sleeping Dogs but not so sure now...

and Monster Hunter on consoles!

Stopped waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 like two years ago

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@dennisthemennis said:

I find that getting mad happens when you play a game often. If you play something a lot you have expectations on yourself and get pissed when someone trumps them, but if you don't play every day you just accept that there are people who are a lot better than you. I'd rather get my ass kicked here and there and not really care than lose my shit when someone beats me.

OooOOOoh he's got it right. I know what you mean man, happens to me too. What got me over it was just messing around for whole matches with my friend playing games just to mess around. Helps to not take things too seriously.

Good luck with picking the game up again!

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If you attend the grammar school history classes here then you'd understand.

It was like bred into us that anything but capitalism would take away any and all the freedom we have.

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So does this mean no Battlefield Bad Company 3?? T.T

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Got it when I was 18. Wasn't too hard but that's cuz I studied off a BUNCH of peoples old test. If you can I'd get a hold of peoples old test to study off of. Uhh... from what I can remember avoid puddles, finish crossing intersections no matter what and always inform the DMV about your cars.

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All the way young man!

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Hahaha thanks guys. I'm sadly one of those people that needs reassurance from random people on the interwebs. I'll try it out later. It was a little for the polls and other stuff too anyways.

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followed by "fo00o000ooo!" *pelvic thrust* da daah duh dah deh daah duh

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Sounds a bit like the old West.

I'd do the same, just go everywhere with a gun now.

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