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Man, and I thought Lulu was the nadir of their career.

Their next booking is a high school auditorium on prom night, and after that they're headlining a panhandling festival under a bridge near Amarillo, Texas.

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@hailinel: No idea -- haven't really read through the thread, just the original post with the list. Presumably it's someone who hates Dan personally, and wishes to see him suffer and/or vomit.

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Really? Violence Jack? You trolling motherfuckers. That's not even nice.

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HipHopGamer's great.

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I mostly just want someone funny. If the new hire's quick on their feet, they can take some time and learn the games stuff, for all I care.

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I just realized -- this means more video content with Alex.

Like, Quick Looks. With Alex Navarro.

I'm way into this.

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@oddish said:

I hope Vinny isn't delaying the podcast because he's editing in his stupid and unfunny sound effects.

You are history's greatest monster.

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Profile Name: Jacques Volage

Experience: I'm up to the point where I never lose against medium bots! So... *cough*

Favorite Hero: Necrolyte all night long. Because support is where it's at.

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