Why the hate?

I've just posted a topic on the forums and everyone got upset about it. Was my opinion really that upsetting to people? I guess so. And I do apologies for bringing up an old topic but I wanted to get my opinion out. I'll save everyone the trouble about bringing up the specific topic here. I just don't understand how people can accuse me of being a troll over it.


Grand Theft Auto IV and what it says about me

Sometimes when playing GTA IV, I wonder to myself if I'm a bad person. This is actually true of any GTA game I play.

The reason is I really love randomly killing people. I really enjoy flying down the street in a car on a sidewalk watching people fly over the car. I perfer being in first person so I can see people roll up over the hood or squish beneath the front bumper.

But then again, I have no urge to do it for real on my work commute.

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