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Luckily, the retailer where I bought them from my friend works there, so I should be able to swap for a new pair. Even though if it was a different employee they'd say "That isn't normal wear-and-tear" Which it is.

Anyway, I use these everyday. I unplug them and use them on my PC and then back to PS4 etc. I love everything about them, but I don't know if I want to have another pair do the same thing.

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I had the 1.0's and they were incredible. But I've had these for 4 months and this has happened.

No, I haven't dropped/thrown/powerbomb'd them. It seems to be a flaw in the plastic, when you open them to put them on your head, it causes stress in the plastic.

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Does this explain why Android hasn't got Ifruit yet?

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"I'm an astronaut."

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Enough with the Juno nonsense, isn't the cop John Ashton?

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Did SHIV ever come out?

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I work in retail, and boy do I hate Skylanders. As soon as they come in, they're gone. I'm talking about 40 of the single packs and 20 of the triple packs coming in several times a week. (sometimes 4-5 times.) This isn't a problem, we're there to sell things.

What happens is, you tell customers "look we have this one or this one." Usually Eruptor or Chop Chop, at this point you're realise I know the names of them. Yes, I do and heres why. The single packs we had 32 Eruptors and 1 Chop Chop.

"Do you have Spyro?"

"No, we have this one or this one."

5 minutes later, you'll get another staff member over the radio, "These Skylanders, do we have Spyro?"

Today a guy bought 13 of the triple packs, thats over £250 worth of Skylanders. I don't know how much profit he can make on Ebay with the generic ones, but is it worth the hassle?

p.s. If anyone knows where I can get a Spyro? I know some people who might be interested...

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This ain't Burnout.
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