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It's too bad Activision isn't marketing it more, it is a fantastic game. I'm enjoying it more than Bioshock.

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To be honest I thought the single player was pretty dull. The Multiplayer however is totally the opposite. I found the human classes, different monster types and perks make it pretty challenging and exciting.

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I love it too, having a blast with it. When that game gets going with it's story and shooting, there aren't many games that are as exciting to play. 

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It is isn't it?

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I just started playing it and think it's quite excellent. Aside from the "oh god they are going to make me hold this area off until X amount of time has passed" moments it feels quite refreshing, the TMD is fun to use, especially the bubble.

I think I'm around 4 hours in. I did enjoy Wolfenstein (the latest one) quite a bit and this feels similar to me, but with a much better story.

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what else do you like?

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@Sooty said:

I just started playing it and think it's quite excellent.

I have a friend who bought and played it recently and felt the same. He's been insisting that I play it ever since. I just finished Bulletstorm (also awesome) and despite having a stack of new games sitting here I'm thinking I might hit Singularity next. 
@Sooty said:

I did enjoy Wolfenstein (the latest one) quite a bit and this feels similar to me, but with a much better story.

Yeah, I've been meaning to get to Wolfenstein for a long time now. Looks like a good, fun romp. 
Man I barely played any 2011 games in 2011 and now it looks like I'm starting to stack up the old titles for 2012 too.
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Its so dumb and a bit too po-faced. But I really enjoyed it aswell.

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I don't think its Bioshock good but I just picked it up and beat it a few days ago an yeah that game is awesome, I had a great time with it. Haven't been able to find anyone playing mp which is a shame cause it sounds fun.

Really unfortunate Activision just kicked it out the door I think it would have done a lot better if they had put even a fraction of the money they spend marketing CoD into Singularity. Raven deserves better.

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That's great to hear, I bought this a couple of weeks ago during the Steam holiday sales but haven't yet had the time to play it.

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I thought that in terms of level design it was better than Bioshock. In no other way was it better than that game, though.

However, I cannot say that I didn't enjoy that game a whole lot. In fact, I thought it was really, really good. It seems to have spread almost by word of mouth alone into something not exactly popular, but not unknown either.

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It seems I'm alone but I found Singularity to be a huge letdown after Raven's previous game, Wolfenstein (2009). It was way more linear than I expected and I didn't feel like it implemented all of the gameplay elements it borrowed properly. In BioShock I'm ecstatic to upgrade at every opportunity, in Singularity you have to do it at these set stations on your linear path and most of the time for me it felt like it was interrupting the flow of the game. I also felt like the abilities weren't as balanced with the weapons, in BioShock (and Wolfenstein) they work perfectly in conjunction, it's hard to describe but in Singularity I felt like there was a disconnect between my abilities and guns and I really didn't enjoy using the abilities much (which is why my friend says I didn't enjoy the game as much). I also don't see how the level design is better than BioShock, or even close. Aside from the rich atmosphere and little details in every corner that enhance the story, BioShock offers large open sections to explore freely and advance through however you see fit. Singularity seemed to feature pretty standard FPS level design with decent puzzles along the way. Singularity seems universally loved as an underground hit and maybe I just expected another Wolfenstein and didn't play it properly, I really wanted to love it but it ranks pretty low on my list of FPS' I've played this gen. The story was definitely good though and the way they executed the multiple endings was great. I just thought Wolfenstein had some of the best gunplay of this gen and greatest nazi killing of all time, and the free-roaming central hub added the perfect amount of freedom to an old school FPS. And BioShock 1 & 2 are my favorite games ever, I guess Singularity fell somewhere in between but somehow mixing those 2 types of gameplay just didn't feel quite right to me and I could never really get into it. Not trying to diss the game just sharing my thoughts on it. I still wonder if it might click for me if I play through it again.

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To be honest, I liked the "flashbacks" a lot in Singularity, and Bioshock only had a few of those. The atmosphere was great, and overall I quite enjoyed it. Looking past some of the suspicious plotholes, It was a memorable experience.

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I can't beleive people think this game is underrated. I just don't see anything that is special about it. The graphics and gameplay are just so dull. The world and story are okay but that's about it.