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So is a next gen purchase worth it? I can't for the life of me find a comparison between generations, only to PC! £20 for some fancier shaders isn't really worth it if i can just grab it on 360 and have the same experience!

What would you guys recommend if I'm going for a console purchase please?

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Sweet okay, it's weird how little platform comparisons there are, or that it just doesn't seem to be a necessary inclusion in the reviews that have come out. With so many of us between systems at the minute it'd be helpful to see some split-screens, plus the game in the UK is £20 less than the next gen version!

Cheers guys!! :D

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Game seems to be very sharp across the board, and I'm not enough of a gore-fiend to wanna watch up-rezzed eyeball-explosions, so do you guys have any recommendations on which platform to get it on?

I'd like something on PS4 just for the sake of it, but not if there's bugger all difference!

Cheers! :D

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Fantastic thank you, how do I tell what framerate I'm outputting at any given time please?

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I posted this and then it's not on the general discussion page when I refresh!! Hope this works, help pleeeease! :D

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Hey BEASTers (or something),

So I've been a console man for my entire life, and even after finally getting a Macbook Pro I had this weird glitch where whenever I'd plug a 360 wired controller in, it wouldn't recognise - and then would freeze the system and restart even with the tattiebogle drivers!
Anyway turns out it was some old Android app jackin with the 360 drivers, so now I'm finally getting into PC (Mac) gaming, and although I've looked through common terms like V-Sync, Anisotropic filtering and types of Anti-Aliasing, I'd like to ask some questions from people who've been doing this for years - and from guys n gals I trust more than a google search into the abyss!

1. What's the deal with V-Sync? Turning it off in Brutal Legend fixed the occasional stutter I was getting, but in Deus Ex it was the opposite, I had to put it on to play smoothly.

2. This might come off the above question, but how do I ensure a smooth gaming experience? I know that's really vague, but I want to avoid stuttering and slowdown as much as possible. I've got Rogue Legacy now, and occasionally that'll stick for like a micro-second - which in that game is enough to kill you! I think it might've been related to Steam downloading other games, or having other things going on when I was playing?

3. Do you have any golden rules for settings you stick to, or is it a case of speccing each game as it comes? I managed to get Brutal Legend to look gorgeous, but I'm still a bit stuck on resolutions affecting framerates and things like that; I could swear it occasionally hiccups a little.

4. How do I know what my Mac is capable of? I see next gen titles on the Steam store, but would they run? It's half blowing my mind that I have this machine that can potentially just welcome in the next generation of titles with no modifications/changes. In addition to this the fans naturally go crazy when I'm running any game, so I guess I'd like to make sure I'm not asking too much of the system or something when cranking things up - if that does anything at all hardware-wise anyway in terms of risk?

Atm I'm running both Brutal Legend and Deus Ex at 1440x900 even though my monitor goes up to 2880x1800 because otherwise it freaks out and lags up like crazy! I've read that the higher the resolution you go, that's what equates to the biggest graphical leap, like going between console generations?

I searched the forums but couldn't find anything specific to my needs - us Macbook Gamers are a lowly lonely bunch! - so sorry if the answers to these are easily somewhere else, and thank you in advance!! :D

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Ahh bloody fantastic cheers guys!! :D

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Hey Duders!

I'm doing some research on completion stats for games and stumbled upon this thread from a few years back

I know GB doesn't track achievements any more (I don't think anyway?) but is there any way of getting a more up to date version of this stat please? I can't find where on here this guy got it from, and I'm sure in the 3 years of passing things like Super Meat Boy and Dark Souls will be VERY high on the list these days as titles people didn't finish!


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From what I can gather (and I could be WAAAY off, but that's where you guys will come in!), Red is a singer in this futuristic city of Cloudbank where technology has become so advanced we've essentially reached a singularity of sorts; allowing for things like the day and night skies to be altered by flicking a computer switch.

The Camerata are a group of people who yearn for more control, seeking to knock back artistry, free-thinking and creativity for the sake of establishing order, to which they create the all-controlling Transistor to do so.

Then one night, there's a ruckus at one of Red's gigs as she's been marked for assassination by the Camerata, but escapes, getting her hands on the Transistor and taking the fight back to them - rebuilding the digitally-enveloped city along the way.

Sorry if that's way off (it's hard to know anything for sure when the writing is so deliberately cryptic!) and I've just jumped back into NG+ now to find out more from some more powers, but please if the people who have played/figured out the most could chip in and help with clarifying the events of the game and the motivations of the characters, I think it would be super helpful to everyone!

Cheers! :D

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Haha it must just be then! Tell ya what I'd love though would be for Yakuza 5 to get a localised release too though!! :D