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That's always been my thing is I don't mind providing the content is good, and i don't think I'm being taken for a ride when I've clicked in. Providing the ads aren't screen-filling 'where the hell is the X to close this thing?!' reloads every page I don't mind either, but I think it's interesting to talk about the idea that a headline should be as enticing or attention-grabbing as the content.

I think it's a common reactionary response to get away from list-based content in general, especially when there's PLENTY sites giving it a bad name, or doing something like what Buzzfeed do and breaking down what became a string of 'articles' on Leo DiCaprio's beard.

Say it's a 10 point list on core things Ubisoft need to fix for Assassin's Creed, I'd rather get stuck into a concise presentation of that information, than a rambling rant about the game in general. I know Polygon gets a pretty bad rap already, but there's something about some of their articles - and guys like Vice - that just go on WAY too long, rambling and diverging from the point they're supposed to be delivering.

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Just the framerate really, but also collision detection was terrible, leading to Arno freaking out if his feet were between multiple planes. I had a load of those 'fall through the world' bugs too, but they're apparently fixed.

One of the things I noticed most when going back to Black Flag on 360 before Unity launched was the terrible frame rate I must have otherwise ignored before there was so much emphasis on it, but with Unity I really wanted a buttery-smooth AC experience, with no random floating pedestrians or bugs getting in the way either.

I guess what I'm asking is - as the initial release felt like a game desperately in need of a few more playtest sessions, does this feel like a finished retail product?

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I seem to post but it doesn't appear on the page - so sorry but bump! :)

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So I bought Unity to get some content for a site I write for, but after playing just enough for a couple of articles I gave up, reconciling to the idea that patches would make it much better in the future.

I've read Ubi's big press releases but I've also seen Digital Foundry's results that it's a marginal difference. Is this still a total flop on PS4, or is the framerate solid enough now, along with the general feel of gameplay actually working to make it enjoyable?

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Anyone else having this? Not every menu, but in particular the character customisation/weapon-change menus make my PS4's fans make a pretty noticeable racket! (The theatre upgrade list does too)

They die off as soon as I quit again, but it makes me change up Arno's look and shop for weapons as fast as possible every time, as they go louder and louder and I don't wanna know what happens if I hang around haha! :D

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More PS4 glitchiness, I had a hard lock where an enemy disappeared altogether, only for the game to quit back to dashboard and I lost my save! (Luckily wasn't too far from where I was, but considering it was just a one-on-one fight, is still worrying!)

Also just this morning went to put the PS4 on and where the Lords icon should be on the dash, was a giant 'Corrupted Data' icon! Ejected the disc, put back in and it automatically re-installed the 4.72GB patch from launch day, which has got me back into my save with nothing missing thankfully!

Still, very worrying!! You can tell Deck13 are new to all this stuff so I guess it's understandable, but yeah I've tweeted them asking about PS4 stability fixes, because in a game where every few moments you're making pretty big steps forward, this could be devastating!

Aside from that though if you're a Souls fan I think it's pretty amazing!! There's enough differentiation in the core combat from using the Gauntlet's abilities with different runes and on-the-fly spell/weapon-switching to really make it very enjoyable - when it works! :D

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Cool thanks for the replies everyone! Another thing I noticed with that guy was that occasionally he would just freeze altogether, and standing next to him did about 30-odd damage, but Arkyn just flies back as if he's hit, even though the dude doesn't move haha!

So far Lords is very rough around the edges in terms of MANY grammatical mistakes on the loading screens and generally disconnected feeling when in control. I sometimes feel more like I'm triggering a series of player model-viewer animations than playing the game - which I know is a weird thing to say, but you might know what I mean!

How have you guys fared against that other massive dude with the shield that's just ahead if you don't go down the snow path towards Kaslo? He's kicked my ass every time, just seems to do a very quick thrust that does over 100 damage!

I'm tackling the Graveyard boss now, who just killed me by doing an insta-kill move of 2000 damage - fun times!

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Also I posted this and then it didn't appear in the forum, so bump! :D

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I've just fought the Commander for the second time (the dude after you meet that woman, if there's multiple paths!) and the collision detection is totally random at times.

Basically there's only two instances you can do damage; either by going around him when he goes into a stance where he launches ranged attacks, or - I thought, at least - when he slams his shield down.

Except that it doesn't work all the time, he'll slam it down which does damage if you're within the shockwave, but then sometimes you can leap back in and thwack him if you get the timing right, before he stands back up. It's this animation where you definitely make connection with him from behind, but I don't necessarily think we're 'supposed to', because sometimes nothing will happen, and others you'll take a nice chunk of his health.

Have you guys found any other instances of this kind of thing, or maybe i hit upon some weird thing where equipment and weapon (Greataxe) combined to give me a weird no-hit glitch?

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Here's a thought I just had today when doing a writeup on how bad some of the dialogue and interactions are - are we sure Joseph and Kidman are actually their real selves in their with Seb, and not just projections of how he assumes they'd be?

They seem completely un-phased by the events of the world itself, and are borderline nonchalant about the crazier things later on. The doctor mentions that each host contributes something to the world around them, with most of it being Ruvik - so what it Joseph and Kidman's totally random appearances just happen when Seb wills them into being?