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Awesome thanks guys! The PS3 I'm gonna get is the Slim, not the 'Super Slim' with the sliding top, and I'm gonna get a pretty hefty one for the sake of future-proofing so like 250gb or something I'll see what they have in the store!

Thanks again, I'm gonna whack the hairdryer on and fry some circuits! I've checked my Sony account and I'm only active on the one PS3, so as long as I can get it online long enough to back up some saves i can just deactivate it later, as I don't think there's any downsides to losing the other installed stuff, right? :D

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So after 7 years I've suffered the YLOD, but after speaking to Sony they won't replace the unit out of goodwill and instead want £110 sooo eff that!

Anyway the HDD is totally fine - i think - so I'm going to buy a new PS3, but I was wondering with the different models are there differences in hard drive sizes, and also I've read different things on the data itself being locked to by dead PS3? I'll still be able to log into my Sony account at the very least and re-download everything though surely?

Cheers!! And also if anyone tried the 'hair dryer fix' before (or any YLOD fix) and had it work, please let me know as I've nothing to lose any more! :D

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Ah awesome so it's not just me!! Thanks everyone this was a huge help! :D My PS3 has just YLOD'd on me randomly, so it's a frying-pan-fire kinda day!! :D


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I also don't get why when you add a new post it doesn't appear at the top of the forum any more? I'm doing this so the post actually appears where you guys will see it! :)

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I've been playing for hours and I was showing around 80% through, but now when I boot it up it just hangs on the 'Fez uses an autosave function' screen, with the spinning red cube.

Eventually a get a network prompt saying I'm not connected (lies!) to which after say 5-10 minutes it'll load the main title screen, but hitting X from there just goes to the space background with no menu or sound.

I've been googling and found a load of stuff about older patches that took a while to come to Xbox, but aside from one forum post on another site that got lost amongst the shuffle, I can't find anyone who has the same problem as me!!

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!! :D

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Hey duders,

I'm new to all the Infinity stuff (don't have it yet) but I need to make sure on all the 2.0 being DLC, figures and cross-buy technicalities.

So I was going to buy 2.0, then I realised it's actually just their name for the Marvel stuff, which is awesome! HOWEVER from what I've found out, I don't need to wait until mid-september to buy Infinity because it's also available as a DLC pack for the original game.

Like, I'll happily go out and buy Infinity now, and then in a few weeks when the Marvel stuff comes out I can just download it and buy select figures (like Captain America and Nicky Fury), but will they work on my 'older' game inside each mode, or do I need some physical Marvel playset to activate them?

I know all the old figures work with the new equipment, but does it go the other way too?

Sorry if all of this is very obvious but I couldn't phrase it in a way to get google to help!


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I'm just doing a bit of research for an article about some of the craziest things game developers go through to create games, and aside from the Forza chaps taking out a fleet of supercars to make sure everything feels good, I can't think of any others!

However I do have a memory of - I think - Klei Entertainment camping out somewhere before making Don't Starve, so they could nail the feel of being alone in the wilderness? It could be total balls, but if you can think of any awesome similar stories it would be extremely helpful!!

Cheers! :D

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@mb said:

An asterisk doesn't get you around the no profanity in thread titles rule - edited accordingly. Thanks.

Oh sorry!! Thank you! :)

I still haven't made it past the first chapter on Normal or Easy. I just seem to be getting a lot more random variables than Vinny in the Quick Look. Hostages are becoming more tense when I'm charging the hack boost, they're running off when they're neutral, taking to them doesn't calm them down etc. I don't see how this is even possible with the amount of seemingly contradictory mechanics.

The game looks neat, I love the premise and I loved the jam version, but progressing is just far too difficult to be compelling for me.

Maybe one day I'll come back to it but for the meantime it's far too infuriating (and not in a good way)

Yeah when I watched Vinny I really got the feeling that if you took your time and thought everything out, you could get through it okay, but then i had that exact thing you've mentioned about hostages running when they're supposed to be neutral, or I'll go to calm them and they run.

I really love the art style and the challenge alone makes it one of those games I'd like to finish for the sake of saying I have, but maaaan it's rather infuriating when you have no idea why you failed!

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*Rage fuelled rant incoming*

So after becoming increasingly frustrated with the horrifically sporadic first level, I took to the internet to see how everyone else was getting on - and it turns out exactly the same!

I (like everyone it seems) had to switch to Easy to at least make the actions of the hostages make some sense, but even then they randomly got up to flee when they were otherwise just sitting still.

That's not the "F this" moment though, that's just happened in the second chapter as I 'failed' the torture scene because they kept asking the same question over and over, leading to me thinking maybe it was one that had to be answered... only for Burden to be ripped in half.

They want you to repeat the same scenario 20 times in a row, with random death and no checkpoints waiting just around the corner? Just hell no.

I don't mind incredibly hard games (I'm a huge Dark Souls/Hotline Miami fan for example) but this is just DUMB. When you factor in the lack of checkpoints, the numerous spelling mistakes, propensity for game crashes/animation lockups AND this weird narrative setup where I (as the player) actually would rather hear some confessions just so I get some backstory.... it's ridiculously up its own ass thinking people will keep going for the sake of the gameplay.

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Also sorry if this is a mistake, but after creating this post it was nowhere to be seen on the General Discussion, so i'm bumping up! :D