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Also I posted this and then it didn't appear in the forum, so bump! :D

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I've just fought the Commander for the second time (the dude after you meet that woman, if there's multiple paths!) and the collision detection is totally random at times.

Basically there's only two instances you can do damage; either by going around him when he goes into a stance where he launches ranged attacks, or - I thought, at least - when he slams his shield down.

Except that it doesn't work all the time, he'll slam it down which does damage if you're within the shockwave, but then sometimes you can leap back in and thwack him if you get the timing right, before he stands back up. It's this animation where you definitely make connection with him from behind, but I don't necessarily think we're 'supposed to', because sometimes nothing will happen, and others you'll take a nice chunk of his health.

Have you guys found any other instances of this kind of thing, or maybe i hit upon some weird thing where equipment and weapon (Greataxe) combined to give me a weird no-hit glitch?

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Here's a thought I just had today when doing a writeup on how bad some of the dialogue and interactions are - are we sure Joseph and Kidman are actually their real selves in their with Seb, and not just projections of how he assumes they'd be?

They seem completely un-phased by the events of the world itself, and are borderline nonchalant about the crazier things later on. The doctor mentions that each host contributes something to the world around them, with most of it being Ruvik - so what it Joseph and Kidman's totally random appearances just happen when Seb wills them into being?

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I've just finished it and dunno about you guys but apart from the last 10 minutes or so when it went COMPLETELY insane, I actually really liked the slow-burn of wtf was actually going on.

In the end I think I understand - Ruvik's research created the machine, which the doctor took credit for, and all the machinations of the world itself were just twisted creations born from everyone's shared psyche, but mainly Ruviks?

Remaining questions would be:

- Wtf was up with the death of Castellano's kid? That felt like it was building to something and just didn't.

- What was Kidman's 'orders' throughout? In fact, wtf happened to Kidman, and was Joseph's death just that scattershot in the park area, in the city?

- Any idea wtf the box-headed dudes are? The multi-armed woman was Ruvik's sister I assume?

What did you guys make of it all? The only thing i think kicked me in the balls was the checkpointing, especially with a couple of the bosses.

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Yeah, surprisingly, don't use the melee attack in a stealth game, and take your time advancing forward and you'll be fine! There's also plenty of environmental interaction to deal with enemies if you mess up.

Just heard the podcast and him complaining about how getting to Chapter 3 was 'painful' and to be honest I've breezed through it so far!

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I also wanted to apologise for the potentially misleading post title, the 60 character limit wouldn't let me have 'Lack of overarching purpose in Nemesis System (Late game spoilers)! Obviously it's in the late game when the whole thing comes together! :D

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So I've just finished SoM and LOVED it - apart from the weirdly rushed finale, but whatever!

Anyway I love the combat and the enemy designs, and the very idea of the Nemesis stuff, but like, what's the point in moving your dudes up the ranks? Sure at the end you're amassing an army so it makes sense to get the top tier under control, and if someone takes you out then finding intel and taking revenge is sweet too, but for the rest of it moving them up and down the tiers and interrupting things... I never really got any sense of why we're doing that?

They mention a lot about how not diving into the red-logo'd events around the map mean that low-ranking chaps will go up levels and get stronger, but does this actually effect anything really? You might have to do a little bit more to draw them out if they're at Warchief status, but if you could stealth kill a dude in one tier, you can do the same higher up.

As I say I've just finished and it's fun to mess around with this stuff on its own merits for the sake of video games, but I don't really have any endgame other than branding guys in high position just 'cause.

How much time have you guys put into messing around outside of missions, and what role do you feel like you're playing when reordering the various lines of orcs in the world?

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Awesome thanks guys! The PS3 I'm gonna get is the Slim, not the 'Super Slim' with the sliding top, and I'm gonna get a pretty hefty one for the sake of future-proofing so like 250gb or something I'll see what they have in the store!

Thanks again, I'm gonna whack the hairdryer on and fry some circuits! I've checked my Sony account and I'm only active on the one PS3, so as long as I can get it online long enough to back up some saves i can just deactivate it later, as I don't think there's any downsides to losing the other installed stuff, right? :D

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So after 7 years I've suffered the YLOD, but after speaking to Sony they won't replace the unit out of goodwill and instead want £110 sooo eff that!

Anyway the HDD is totally fine - i think - so I'm going to buy a new PS3, but I was wondering with the different models are there differences in hard drive sizes, and also I've read different things on the data itself being locked to by dead PS3? I'll still be able to log into my Sony account at the very least and re-download everything though surely?

Cheers!! And also if anyone tried the 'hair dryer fix' before (or any YLOD fix) and had it work, please let me know as I've nothing to lose any more! :D

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Ah awesome so it's not just me!! Thanks everyone this was a huge help! :D My PS3 has just YLOD'd on me randomly, so it's a frying-pan-fire kinda day!! :D