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Haha thank christ someone is, I think I might wait for some other people to clock it and make a few wikis. I'm all for application of ability and actually tackling the game on a mechanical level, like I'll put the time in, but at the minute it's just death after death after death.

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So I've played about 20 hours, and I've reached a strange state of mind where I actively despise the game. Like I really, really hate the fuckin thing. I think the hitboxes are broken, and the way the game is put together - enemies have near-infinite stamina, one hit kills, awful things like the stagger - have all combined to make me really hate this thing.

But I can't give up. Otherwise they win right? I mean it's so wrong, because I don't think DS2 is WORTH playing, I'm just doing it because I loved DS so much, and I don't want a game to 'defeat' me.

But man it's a slog. I've read so much around the web about how DS2 tinkers with the formula too much and some people even after finishing on 80 hours say they just played through for the sake of completion.

So, are you having fun? Really? Because I am most definitely not.

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@onekillwonder_: Haha man I gotta sympathise thoroughly, I'm hating every second so far. I feel like the developers took the whole 'well you know what you're getting in for!' thing and decided to make a game that is so much more egregiously hard and I do think it's unfair.

DS was so perfect because the controls were SO tight, with animation that was spot on, with the broken hit-boxes here and the weird timing on some moves, I don't feel like I'm playing something where I stand a fair chance, it feels like they just want to see how much people will put up with.

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I've been going back and forward last night and tonight trying to figure out loads of what I assume are hidden timings and animation-priorities governing when you can or cannot do a forward+attack move - either the guard break or jumping attack.

So I have to ask, when you guys are in combat, can you pull these moves off whenever you like? Say you hit R1/RB and then follow with Forward+R1/RB can you do a kick, or do you get another swing? Or if you back away can you do a jump?

I honestly feel like the game is broken, as I can't do these attacks reliably to save my life. I'm not some newbie or anything, I've clocked DS1 and been playing games for years, but I quite genuinely cannot play this, due to trying to do a move and not being able to.

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@shalashaskauk666: The foward attack can be done all the time ... I dunno either you are terrible at controls or your controller is effed up duder.

Edit: did some testing... if you attack with a normal attack then try to do the foward + attack it wont come out , you can only do the foward attack without using a normal attack prior. Never try this on other Souls games so I dunno if it changed or not.

It TOTALLY changed, and what's the timing on this? Like do a normal attack, wait for X time, and then the game will 'allow' you to do a heavy? In Dark Souls one of my favourite tactics was I'd back away from a dude and leap back in, especially if there was a group of them.

I actually just went and bought another controller (needed one anyway!) and it still ain't working all the time. Sometimes when I'm just standing and try forward+RT it still often does the standard attack.

The game feels pretty broken in comparison tbh, and I'm also hating how when in any merchant screen there are no comparison stats to what you have equipped. That's just DUMB.

Thanks for all the replies again everyone!! :D

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@jclane said:

Whoo-boy, this thread sure seems impulsive and preemptive.

Pre-emptive? Nope! Impulsive? Oh hell yes.

@extomar said:

Can I hate about threads like this? And was the previous game "nigh-perfect"? Really?

Haha of course you can! :) I'd say it was nigh-perfect yeah, that 'nigh' part being an amalgamation of Blighttown's frame rate and Ornstein and Smough.

Cheers for all the replies guys, I'm still battling my way through, and still getting incredibly annoyed at the lack of being able to do a jumping attack when I'd like to! But hey, "that's my Dark Souls!"

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Obviously with such a nigh-perfect previous game, there were gonna be changes or other features in part 2 that just don't sit right with everyone.

I personally can't for the life of me figure out why they make you constantly go into the menu to 're-equip' life gems after you run out and pick more back up. If you're in combat and in need of munching one you just picked up, it's impossible to do so without getting skewered.

I also think the fact that even GETTING an Estus hinges on you spotting the maiden on the cliff-edge next to the first bonfire in Majula is bizarrely ridiculous, as it's something I didn't see at all. As well as this their whole 'hey you can go wherever you want!' shtick that kicked me in the balls, as I ended up in that Flame area that looks like a disused Anor Londo and proceeded Estus-less with no healing gems for a good 2 hours, assuming that was where I was supposed to go.

Lastly (and yeah this is in some other posts I've made in the last couple hours) they've introduced some system governing when you can and can't do a forward+attack move, yet they don't explain it whatsoever. I've died a good 20 times from needing to guard break or jump forward, only for the standard animation to play out and I get gutted.

For a game with a combat system built from the ground-up on split-second timing, they sure fucked the whole thing RIGHT up with this garbage.

I'm currently hating DS II, and having come straight from part 1 only half an hour before playing, I genuinely think they've broken what made DS so sublime, by introducing too many tiny changes.

Anyway, over to you!

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Sorry but what the FUCK is up with these power attacks?? I don't understand what governs whether or not you can do one. I am CONSTANTLY dying because of an enemy opens up, I hit forward+attack and instead of a jumping attack it's a static swing leaving me WIDE OPEN.

Or it works....sometimes it just works, and I can't tell why. The jumping attacks trigger 100% outside of combat, but when fighting a guy it totally appears broken. Is there like a time limit on doing a jumping attack after an initial, or can they only be triggered when the enemy is in a particular state?

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So we do know what determines whether or not you can bust out the jumping forward power attack? Y'know the likes of the jumping forward with a sword/axe etc? Sometimes it works even when quite close, others it's just you flailing around like an frickin moron! (Needless to say I think part 2 is far worse because of this crap)

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Sorry to bump this up again, but I'm literally dying over and over from trying to do forward+attack moves and just swinging at nothing, I don't understand the system they've implemented, it's almost like you have to wait a second before you can jump into something powerful, otherwise it just fails.

Any help would be greatly appreciated please!! I'm losing my mind over how insanely cheap the hitboxes are on this too!