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Haha it must just be then! Tell ya what I'd love though would be for Yakuza 5 to get a localised release too though!! :D

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There's just nothing on the horizon in terms of really big next-gen(current-gen?)-only titles, save for Assassin's Creed Unity and Arkham Knight, and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot worth getting stuck into at the minute either.

I think part of the reason Dark Souls had such a huge resurgence was because of the collective need to find something else to play, and it seemed Dark Souls was on the communal backburner for everyone.

Now that that's done though, and Dark Souls II as well, what is there to talk about and dissect? We had this crazy year last year for boundary-pushers like Gone Home, Last of Us and Paper's Please, hell even The Novelist did its best, but where are all the big discussions now?

I don't know, for a living I write for an entertainment site, and each day we're writing increasingly nostalgic pieces to maintain our numbers because it just doesn't feel like there's a whole lot worth talking about right now.

What do you guys think?

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With no lock-on and no health bar, you end up seeing most fights through that washed out black and white filter as you struggle to know how the hell to take on more than about 2 guys, whilst the awkward floaty jumping controls make you stick to random outcrops and lampposts anyway!

Do you guys find yourselves hanging back to take on wider groups of dudes? So far I'm hating every combat showdown, as the melee attacks are hella slow, and should you take the time to try and aim you'll just get ventilated by gunfire.

Help please!

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I'm currently fighting the Giant Lord and just punched the fuck out of my leg, because, y'know, gamer rage!! :D How about the rest of you guys?

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Finally had all the animation come to a stop and a big 'Your hard drive or disc is corrupted' message pop up! Turns out there was a lovely great big thumb print on the bottom of the disc, even though I bought it new!!

Thanks for the help guys, ever since cleaning the disc everything's been great!! :D

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Hmm I've installed it and done all updates but there's still a constant clicking noise that sounds like the console engaging the drive before giving up, before doing it over and over again!

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Ever since I put it in I've got this weird loop of it engaging the disc drive, like a 'speed-up' kinda noise, followed by one clicking sound, maybe like the laser moving or something? I just have that over and over again, and it's incredibly annoying!

The game is running totally fine, but i'd like to know what this noise is! Do you guys think it could be because it's trying to update the game's files in the background? Infamous added itself to the Download queue after I booted it up!


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I had to restart the mission, Miller never gave me any prompt for the flare/pickup, so when I went to that cliffside marker nothing was happening, I played back through, grabbed Chico but this time on the way Miller mentioned the flare, so when I had Chico instead of just a circular landing zone icon it had a mission marker, and Miller talked to me when I got there, saying put Chico down, call in the chopper etc.!

Strange glitch in such a polished game, but if it ever happens to anyone else a restart solved mine!! :D Thanks for all the responses guys, this one was just a good ol' fashioned bug!!

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So I started, ran to Chico, and after picking him up there's no HUD elements or anything telling me where to go! There's a square on an anti-aircraft gun, so I blew that up, but even before that when going to the landing zones nothing happens, and.....yeah that's it, I've been carrying Chico around for half an hour now!

GZ definitely ain't short for me!! :P

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Haha thank christ someone is, I think I might wait for some other people to clock it and make a few wikis. I'm all for application of ability and actually tackling the game on a mechanical level, like I'll put the time in, but at the minute it's just death after death after death.