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I don't want this to be real! Ryan was part of the reason I became a member of Giantbomb and supported as much as I could. This is incredibly sad and I wish the best for Ryan's family.

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Where is District 187: Sin Streets? Where else can you be as gangsta' and hood in a video game? No where.

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I loved the first dead space because it scared the crap out of me every time I played it. I still loved dead space 2 because it was scary (not as scary as the first) but the characters were so much more. I really liked having Isaac talk and the force work and facial animation was really good. As you played it you could really hear him starting to break down and lose it. The other characters were also nicely animated and voiced.

I can't wait until DS3

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I really hope the Warhammer 40k MMO turns out good. I love the universe and I might actually get back into MMO's for this one.

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Duke Nukem Forever. God that was horrible.

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Other than the standard stuff I got 50% off Patrician 4 and I had 7 pieces of coal so I combined them and got 50% off Duke Nukem Forever.

I practically started crying like one of those kids in the Jimmy Kimmel terrible Christmas present videos.

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Yea it isn't a perfect game and has some problems but I would still give it a try.

I really enjoyed it when I bought it at full price when it came out. They might have made some changes to even the difficulty out.

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Yea things feel a bit hit-or-miss but I'm up for some trades. I have 50% off Duke Nukem Forever (seriously I will give you this so i don't have to look at it), 50% off Patrician 4, defense grid, portal, hl2 and hl2 episode1, and 33% off valve product.

mazdaman is the account name.

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Charlie and Chie 4 life!!

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Unless they fixed the bugs, there are several ways to get whatever you need. You can get as many souls as you want with the dragon head + a stamina regen item. With that you can either buy all the shards you want, over level your guy completely, or buy items which you can trade to the egg lady for any number of other shards which is another exploit.

I know it isn't the ethical thing to do but it is an option to get what you want without spending cash.