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Yeah believer I did want to announce it . I understand it is kind of stupid , sorry .

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Yeah laughing man I did . I also wrote a e-mail about it. And that rude comment I made wasn't towards you .

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I am canceling my subscription to giant bomb . The content just isn't there for me to keep paying 5 bucks a month . And I don't know what it is about the videos but I can never just stream them . They constantly have to buffer . This does not happen to me with other sites video. I like the crew but I don't see the value in the "premium" content.

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Yeah I don't think it's right for everyone especially if you are only going to get one "next gen" system . But I just love the game pad there are a lot of possibilities with it . And did I mention Miiverse . Miiverse! But I I could only have one new console it would be whatever Microsoft comes out with due to the friends I have on live .

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Haha no wifeu . And Jz I got it cause I wanted one. Just like I will get both new consoles from Sony and Microsoft . I like Nintendo for its own reasons

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Yeah not that I can tell . I haven't seen any yet and I'm a couple hours in zombiu and on the third world in Mario . If there were i think something would have poped by now. The bombcast was right about load times though but supposedly in April there is a patch fixing that. And there was no initial update I had to do . I think the consoles out now are current.

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I'm loving the system so far . And the games , zombiu and new super Mario are a blast . The cherry on top is the Miiverse. Really great idea . I need friends though so if anyone else is on it what's your name

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Great review!