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Sure! I'd love it!

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I know this may be a bad place to ask, since it is bias, but if I had to choose between FEZ and Castlevania SOTN what should I get? I have not played SOTN and probably should. Is FEZ better than the Xbox version of that game? What should I spend my 800 points on?

Between Fez and SOTN, I'd go SOTN.

Fez is wonderful, but SOTN is a classic.
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I read about this a few days ago, and the idea sounds amazing. 
I was worried I wasn't going to be able to use it at all, but this rocks too!

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I'm stuck :( 
I dialed into the Underground Library a few times, and my computer got all jacked up. 
Now, I have no clue what to do.

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Can't wait to get home, so I can watch this.

I dint have the camera for the 360 sadly, so I can't make a video :(

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Def Jam Rapstar Endurance Run 
Heard it here first.

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On board, day 1. 
Loved the first one, but lost my copy when moving :( 
This'll give me a chance to check it out again, and enjoy some achievements as well.

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@ESREVER: The Best Buy near me has a station set up to demo Move.  It's a low-walled off section (Maybe 3 feet high) that is open to play. 
Only 1 controller, and it had one of those big spider alarm things on it, which made it a pain to hold.   
But, I enjoyed what I played, and plan on picking it up tonight, or tomorrow.  If I can find any :(   
Aforementioned Best Buy was totally sold out.
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Aha, I've never seen this before. 
It would be awesome to the GB guys take a crack at it. 
We can only hope...