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" Dont pirate the games you fucking nerds and maybe developers will treat you better! "

Oh nooo, they have a greeaaat reason to pirate games. "I'm 14 and don't have a job" or: "I got fired" or how about this one: "I'm only downloading games to try them out and see if I'll buy it. I'm totally gonna delete them again after I've "tried" it"   Perfectly legit reasons!  /end sarcasm As you sow, you shall reep "
Hey genius, you want to tell me how someone who couldn't buy the game at all in the first place is hurting the developers or publishers by getting the game without paying for it? Trick question: he isn't because the potential for profit never existed with that customer. It's like bitching that the reason you don't go out more is because all your friends ditched you last time when in reality you never had any friends to begin with. Durrrr. Either way all the console gamers in here are so wholly ignorant on this subject of what the removal of dedicated servers that they really are in no place at all to criticize anyone, let alone PC gamers, for being angry with this lame move on Activisions part. "
Dont try and make out that people who pirate games wouldnt be able to afford them anyway, because that is total bullshit. Pc gamers pirate games because they are L33t H4cz0rzs who think they are too cool for school (or to pay for shit). Im glad they are being pulled into line, If i where a dev id say fuck pc all together. But thats why i make tattoos for a living and not games hahaha
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Dont pirate the games you fucking nerds and maybe developers will treat you better!

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its weird how there supporting pre-order bonuses :P

but a mans gotta eat i guess haha

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this dudes a dick...

his new game is a wii game, called, im a huge dick.

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works for australians :)

id like to see another 50cent game, i liked blood on the sands, thought it was pretty fun :)

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if anyones wondering what the glitches were i made this video, its pretty lamee

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Downloaded it today, and its so buggy, and about 10minutes into it, the game just freezes up, really dissapointing that its so broken..

If you wanna see it for yourself watch this video i made for it

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funny how things "accidentally" get mixed up, same things happened with the pit by the sounds of it.