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So I realized that I do most of my Minecrafting on the VITA due to the shared TV situation in my home but don't have any friends who play it on VITA. Which is a bummer in a game that's so much about sharing. So let's change that! Please make reference to this post in invites.

I'll go first (and hopefully not last) PSN ID: Befueddled

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I would like to join a clan!

PSN name: Befueddled

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@lilman1101: That is exactly why I didn't enjoy the game. The random areas made the world feel very shallow. And the world basically being built with several long spokes instead of feeling like a massive open world bummed me out as well. The item descriptions were incredibly uninspired and often went out of their way to reference the first game in a way that built up no lore for it's own world.

I really did like some of the mechanics changes and different items they added although I wouldn't necessarily call them better, just differently good.

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The only wear I've had is from when my brother and I played FIFA together for a few hours. I'm not sure if it's his own chemistry or he grips them really hard but he's the only one that's done any range to them. For reference I've logged well over 100 hours since with many different people playing and there has been no additional wear.

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I remember playing Super Mario World a long time ago and loading into the first level and having both Mario and Luigi there. I don't think they were both playable or anything and I'm assuming the cart wasn't set properly. It seemed like crazy magic that briefly created an amazing feature that that game would never have.

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I don't have much to add that hasn't already been said. Everybody that has chimed in seems pretty wise. I get those same feelings when I write but luckily I have a very supportive wife that can encourage me without throwing off my expectations. I always think that at least some day my kids might think it's neat.

Also I think if you really do want to get published you should get an agent to sell your book. The CEO of Simon & Schuster mentioned that when she came to my college a few years ago.

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The one thing I would add is that (if I remember correctly) it doesn't take too terribly long to max one out if you stick to it through the story missions. So you should be able to screw around some and still end up maxed out by the end. Or you could max it out and then screw around I suppose.

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ID: Befueddled

Primarily playing BF4 but also infamous ss, mgsv and PS+ stuff.

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There are stories coming in saying they just flipped on their upgraded servers. Sorry no time to link!

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