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Hello everybody and welcome!

First, let me start with some introductions. We are a group of players who have played Pathfinder for about 2 years. Some of us have been playing tabletop RPGs for decades while some of us are more new to it. We even live in different countries.

About 2 years ago we came together to play the Way of the Wicked third party campaign and we actually managed to finish it a couple of weeks ago. That was our group's first full lvl 1-20 campaign and we all had a blast doing it. And now, after a few weeks of rest, it is the time to start our new project.

We have come together to play Tears of Tiamat, a homebrew campaign where we will be playing as real dragons. And what's more, we are streaming and recording these sessions and uploading them to the internet.

So in our usual professional fashion we sat down to talk about our characters and the campaign we are about to start playing:

This will be a story of dragons and their way of life, their dreams, hopes and ambitions. We will be starting out as small pathetic wyrmlings but with time and our indefatigueable purpose we will try to grow mighty enough to shake the world.

The campaign is a homebrew one based on the third party supplement "In the Company of Dragons" by Rite publishing.

We're using a free Java-based program known as MapTool to simulate our virtual tabletop:

We are also using the MT1.3.87.06_DnD35_Pathfinder framework to simulate the Pathfinder ruleset:

The campaign sessions will be uploaded every week on my youtube channel that can be found here:

And it will be streaming live every Friday at 8PM CEST / 11AM PST / 2PM EST and it can be found here: (With a sneak start Wednesday July 15th at the same time.)

Do you want to play Pathfinder but have no group? Come join us, and partake in our trails and tribulations! Ever wanted to see how Pathfinder could be played over the net? Take a look at our sessions and be enlightened! Just looking for an exciting adventure? Be a part of ours!

TLDR: We are playing as real dragons in a Pathfinder campaign and streaming and uploading it to the internet. You should watch it :)


Tears of Tiamat participants:

- SMW - The Dungeon Master

- Manaki - Ra'chaiax, Brine dragon

- Rahal - Ty'lraxos, Blue dragon

- Tine - Aina'vox, Green dragon

- DDS - Ar'vulnyx, White dragon

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Moonstone is simply a must play. It was the bloodiest game I had ever seen when I first played it back in the mid 90's. I was amazed, terrified and strangely compelled by it's bloodsoaked carnage and violent deaths.

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Pathfinder Live Stream Tonight!

We are nearing the end of book 4 after more than a year of playing. This will be a Titanic battle as we invade the heart of our hated foe's domain. You don't want to miss this! :)

When? Tonight! 21:00 CEST / 15:00 EDT / 12:00 PDT


We are going to have our weekly Pathfinder - Way of the Wicked livestream!

We are using over twitch because video is better, more stable and lag between what is streamed and viewed is much better than on twitch. So join us, won't you?

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Our (now) weekly livestreams are still a thing. And we are getting Close to interacting with alot of dragons and at least one party member is scared senseless at the prostpect. Tune in TONIGHT (or later on the channel) to find out who. :)

When? Fri July 18th. 21:00 CEST / 15:00 EDT / 12:00 PDT


We are using over twitch because video is better, more stable and lag between what is streamed and viewed is much better than on twitch. So join us, won't you?

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Scariest thing for some time.

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We are still going and have now reached Book 3! We are up to session 33 and now face a valley of angels and celestials. But we bring an army of hell itself with us! Devils, Oni, Medusa, Bugbears and the Whispering Lords themselves vs one of the holiest sites in the kingdom. Enjoy the bloodbath :)

New Book 3 playlist:


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Session 19 is now up!

In this session we make a shopping list, found our evil organizations, once again brave the forest and have some audio problems (that are now solved hopefully).

It can be found HERE as usual :)