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Before I shit all over what was very clearly a lovely experience for you, I just wanna say that I'm super happy you enjoyed the game and I wish it'd grabbed me the same way. That being said..

It controls like garbage (although it's an interesting concept), it's "puzzles" aren't challenging in the slightest, and (here's my real problem) it tries to tug on your heartstrings with the subtlety of the fucking apocalypse, while giving you little to no incentive to even care about the characters. It's We'll try to make you cry - the game. It's emotionally manipulative in the most ham-fisted, awkward way possible.

Journey, Dear Esther, Limbo, Gone Home, To The Moon etc. are all exceptional games in my book, and I fully expected to love Brothers, but compared to the former, it's like a Baby's first indie game. The high praise it got is mindbogglingly to me.

It was my worst game (I bothered playing) of 2013.

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Grilled if at all possible, and that goes for most meats.

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In resent memory I'd say the pre-purchasing the new Thief game...holy shit, that game is tedious!

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Fries are thin and crappy with barely any filling.

Ugh, the filling is the worst part! I'm not trying to eat a goddamn potato here, I'm in this for the crunchy, salty, greasy outside of whatever came out of that deep fryer.

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Minecraft is the ultimate cruise control game.

This would be my choice as well.

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Necrobumps are pretty metal \m/

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Pacific Rim - Worst goddamn movie I've seen in years (sure was pretty, though). 1/5

The Grand Budapest Hotel - I fucking love Wes Anderson. 5/5