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@sharkethic: There is a benchmark list somewhere in the PC performance thread that shows AMD CPUs performing like absolute garbage on this game, so that's probably it. Crazy, the 920 is 3-4 years older than the FX-8120, they have a lot of work to do to optimize this thing.

Yup, it's pretty ridiculous. I think I'm going Intel/Nvidia next time around...

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@doctordonkey: AMD FX-8120 Eight-Core, so it would seem maybe the game just hates my CPU (or any AMD CPU?):

I've tried everything. Turning everything off/dropping everything down as low as it'll go, makes no noticeable difference what so ever. I've even modded the game to remove the grain, which some people suggested would improve performance - nothing. I usually run everything on very-high/ultra no problem, so I'm calling poor optimization on this one, and will wait for a patch or something...

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@mb: Sounds awesome! Weapon decay's almost never fun, so thanks for this!

Now if I can only get the game to run at more than 15-20 fps on my R9 280x, that'd be just greaaaat....

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@aurahack: How does it look without the grain? Rorie seemed pretty down om it in the ql.

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Oh, I just checked the Countless Rooms of Death QL:

That scrotum is armed to the teeth, yo

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Bully sucked but I'd still love to see Rockstar do a Bully 2 (more video games is better than less), though not at the expense of say a Red Dead Redemption 2.

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@blu3v3nom07: Chimay is absolutely delicious. Also, like most good beer, it's from Belgium.

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Jesus Christ, Ubi...just....stop...

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@doctordonkey: even if it's ubisoft, stealing is stealing. still not justified, and the company as a whole doesn't represent the individuals who probably are worked like dogs and deserve to be compensated.

I don't see how this is stealing. The dude basically just walked into a store where every price tag said "Free". Also, as @darthorange pointed out, 99.9% of the people working on the games have a fixed salary.

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Too many to count, but this was pretty good: