RIP Ryan Davis

I lost a friend today, a video game journalist named Ryan Davis. Not that i can explain this grief to anyone who has ever lost a friend they have never met. I started watching this website and listening to its weekly podcasts, when i was extremely depressed, and though it may sound weird to some of you people out there, doing this really helped get through each day.

I had something to look forward to, a bunch of video game people in a place where all they talked about were video games, and since i had very few friends that were interested in video games having this gave me comfort. when i was too down to even play a videogame i could still watch them play one, or listen to them talk about one they were playing, they made it really funny. I felt many times Ryan was the Jelly to Jeff's Peanut-butter, and though there is still a few guys left on the 'giant bomb squad' they have suffered a devastating loss. My thoughts and Prayers are with Jeff, Brad, Vinny, Patrick, Drew, and the rest of the bombsquad; and that of his wife.

I've never felt this much grief for someone i've never met or talked to, but today i not only cry for Ryan Davis, I cry for the future laughs that were suddenly silenced.

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Sucks, it really sucks. I wanted it to be great but it just sucks balls. Don't get me wrong the customization is great fun and super detailed, probably the most customizable anywhere. The game play on the other hand, is horribly slow paced, and driving; easily the worst handling in a game ever, and considering most of the game is about driving to different places just makes it even more apparent. Most of the time you spend hours customizing your vehicle only to leave it somewhere because a mission requires you get into another vehicle, or you die and it doesn't move with you. You have to either find it, which the map doesn't say where, or find a garage somewhere, also the map doesn't say, to spawn it again. 
I wanted this game to be so much, but it isn't; its just a really bad mmo. Tried to play with friends for a while but they couldn't stand it as long as i did, and playing with random people isn't as fun.