RIP Ryan Davis

I lost a friend today, a video game journalist named Ryan Davis. Not that i can explain this grief to anyone who has ever lost a friend they have never met. I started watching this website and listening to its weekly podcasts, when i was extremely depressed, and though it may sound weird to some of you people out there, doing this really helped get through each day.

I had something to look forward to, a bunch of video game people in a place where all they talked about were video games, and since i had very few friends that were interested in video games having this gave me comfort. when i was too down to even play a videogame i could still watch them play one, or listen to them talk about one they were playing, they made it really funny. I felt many times Ryan was the Jelly to Jeff's Peanut-butter, and though there is still a few guys left on the 'giant bomb squad' they have suffered a devastating loss. My thoughts and Prayers are with Jeff, Brad, Vinny, Patrick, Drew, and the rest of the bombsquad; and that of his wife.

I've never felt this much grief for someone i've never met or talked to, but today i not only cry for Ryan Davis, I cry for the future laughs that were suddenly silenced.

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