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Good God, Dan is infuriating.

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I thought this was a really beautiful, educational panel, and somehow I'm still surprised and disheartened by the number of comments that completely miss the fucking point and try to make this all about their own ridiculous, self-centered agendas. Can we not just focus on being excellent to each other and putting others' concerns and feelings before our own?

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They have the best repartee together and so soon after Dan joining -- I love it. I could watch these two all day.

Dan and Drew are the new Hollywood power couple. Rycanlon? Scankert?

Sorry, but Drewlexis is endgame.

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"Mods ruin the purity of Blizzard's aesthetic design, alright!"

Sigh. Oh, Brad, you silly old dinosaur.

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Wow, some of the guys in these comments sure go out of their way to defend the existence of gratuitously sexualized, shitty-looking female protagonists. Surprise, surprise.

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@hef said:

The hilarious part is that if he did that ballon quest he'd have gotten a pet

He did do the balloon quest. However, the pet the quest gives you cannot battle. (Granted, it's been over a year since I last played WoW, so maybe they've changed this. Balloon "pets" definitely could not battle when I was playing, though.)

Man, I'm so glad Rorie finally jumped in. The previous two episodes were far more stressful to watch than I'd like to admit. Bradley needs to hush his nostalgia and bow to Rorie's expertise more often, though. Get off my lawn, old man! ...or, uh, something like that.

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I don't know if I can watch this. I'm just... I'm just going to save this for later.

*wipes brow*

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as an aside: are there even non white male mods here?


I'm going to need to see your birth certificate, photo I.D., and family genealogy please, sir.