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It's poorly written garbage. That is it. That is all. The end.

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I got Luke Cage from the Gamespot giveaway, and I absolutely love him. A really fun high-DPS hero with some very tanky summons. And he has an elbow drop and can conjure a car out of thin air and throw it at dudes. Sold!

I also bought the X-Force pack during the Steam sale. Deadpool is very fun, though he's somewhat limited in the AoE department. Cable is a bit complicated, as he balances energy and mental damage and is heavy on DoT attacks. He's generally fun though. Colossus, on the other hand, is not complicated at all: Throw your weight around and smash shit. Also a lot of fun.

I'm looking at Iron Man next.

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@cloudyimpulse: If your hero is level 60, you absolute can reset them to level 1. Save up 10 cube shards (acquired by completing terminals) and visit Clea in a hub area, near the terminal consoles. Buy a Gourd of Prestige from her, use it, and you will be reset to level 1, along with all quest progress. (Your name in the chat will also be a different color.)

If you're not level 60 and you only care about how you've allocated your skill points, you can use a Retcon Device to redistribute them. Retcon Devices can drop from enemies, be bought with money or eternity splinters, or be acquired for free by defeating Bullseye in chapter 4 of the story.

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Hey how's Invisible Woman? Was looking to pick her up, but was torn between her and Jean Grey.

I haven't played Sue, but she generally seems pretty polarizing, judging from the in-game chat. Some people think she's great, but a number of people say she's pretty disappointing. Jean, on the other hand, doesn't get talked about a lot, but people generally say she's okay. I've played her, and she's not my favorite (I tend to enjoy "magic" users, so to speak, a lot less than other types, keep in mind) but with the right build she's certainly effective. (Only in Phoenix form, though. Her mental build is not considered to be particularly effective.)

It's also worth keeping in mind that Jean will be receiving her "52 review" this summer, which means they'll be tweaking her abilities and tuning/balancing her, so she might be even better within a couple of months.

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Is there really no one in the GB community talking about or playing this game? I saw a streamer playing it a couple of months back and thought it looked alright, and I just picked it up for $3 during the Steam summer sale. I was hoping to stop in and link up with other Nether players in the GB community before I fired the game up for the first time, but I guess not? Anyone out there?

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Patrick Warburton should probably voice everyone and everything.

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This is the second-worst Giant Bomb-related news I've ever heard.

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Spend time with her, treat her with respect, and don't be creepy. If you don't know what to do together, tell her you suck at planning things and ask her to help you come up with something to do. I don't have the best track record romantically, but I stand by transparency as the best policy. Also, try to relax. The more importance you place on what is probably just a simple "two people hanging out" thing, the more likely it is to go sideways.

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I've been sitting here, trying to think of where to start in my response to this thread, but all I can come up with is...


There are dozens of places to find a lack of realism in this game, potential things that could disrupt your immersion in it, and yet the one thing you grab onto is, essentially, "Small, weak woman couldn't possibly wrestle a weapon from big, strong man"? The fact that I had the option of firing arrows directly into people's brains with relatively minimal effort seems a lot more immersion-breaking to me. Her ability to defend herself in some CQC barely registers, compared to her Solid Snakesque accuracy and stealth capabilities.

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Would someone please be kind of enough to shoot me an invite? I'm "sharpless" in-game. (Surprise!)