Simply a Super Meat Boy status wasn't enough

Even though I just updated my status to show my love/hate relationship, which I believe is the most apt usage of that phrase ever, I just needed a tiny bit more space to talk some more about that. 
That game is hard. Really hard. Sometimes it's not hard to finish a level, but getting your time down to that A+ time can be tough. Sometimes that is frustrating, but most of the time it's awesome. I haven't played a game that has put me through so much whilst still being enjoyable since the SNES days. This is new school old school gaming at it's best, I recommend everyone at least tries the demo, which helpfully chooses a bunch of levels from different worlds. 
I have managed to A+ all levels from the first 4 worlds except 1. I am leaving the Dark World for later, and am going through world 5 at the moment. In short, despite having 300+ levels that take on average 20 seconds each, that doesn't mean it's about 2 hours of game. I have gotten at least 4 hours wear from it, and I have over half the game left. A much more difficult half, may I add. Try it out, you might find something you love.


The aftermath of the steam sale

I have never really been a PC gamer, I've always preferred the consoles "one size fits all approach". Not having to worry about the ever-changing world of PC hardware is nice, though due to the complete individuality of the PC there are still times where the only place to get that experience is on the PC (or now on Mac, with the ever-increasing reach of... 
YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING. I just spent, like an hour, making an awesome blog, adding links & images and going out of my way to tell you about the games I bought during the steam sale. But then, something horrible happened, and it's all gone. So, here it is quickly. 
I bought Plants vs. Zombies, Titan Quest & it's expansion, Tropico 3 and Commandos Collection. They're all good. I like them, will play more. Shame all the rest of the talk has disappeared in to the internets. Oh well. Shit happens, right!?!

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Rock Band 2 Still Rules!

I loved getting a chance to see some of the cool features which are in play in Rock Band 3, and that's exciting. But you know what? Rock Band 2 still rules! So this is just a quick blog to say... 
I now have over 500 songs playable in Rock Band 2! Sweet! 

That is all.


Kill ten rats, fetch me 5 mushrooms...then read up on Solid Snake

It's been a long time since I have done anything with this blog. October 7th, 2008...apparently. That's a fair amount of time. Something happened to change this, however, and at least got me to type up this one thing.
The Giant Bomb crew are at it again, pushing bit by bit to make their website absolutely fantastic. Well, it's already absolutely fantastic, so something more than that. I am not too sure what that is, or at least how to put it in to words, but it's something good.
Anyway...they added "Quests", which are basically just little things you can do around the site to earn points and level up. These range from things like writing a blog (HELLO!)  to visiting certain pages. In my opinion, these are working great. Today I have learnt lots of cool stuff. Things about Wizard, old consoles, rob the robot...pretty much everything you can read about on this site. I also took the time to update my profile and am in the process of making a pretty cool background in celebration of my achievement addict status. I even made a damn twitter account! Something which I will never use. I think it's my love of all kinds of persistant rewards coming through again, but it's pretty cool.
Right now I am off to go figure out some of the more fiendishly difficult clues and see if I can't learn a little more about the past-time that we all love. Then...I might start a second Heavy Rain playthrough...


New PS3 stuff!

As much as I want to see Resident Evil 5 again, Final Fantasy XIII or some more GT, the main thing I am looking forward to is new PS3 games. Team ICO are up to something, and I would love to see what that is (Me and my Colossus (Sp?)?), and I am sure there are a whole host of new things from Sony and its developers that are more suited to the Japanese audience than E3.


My guide is live!

I just hit the big publish button on my Enemy guide for Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. It's done, in a way. If anyone has any input on the guide, then hit me up with a message and I will see if I can sort something out, with appropriate credit given to anyone who helps, of course.

Things to do:

  • Add the location of each enemy using images of maps.
  • Work on getting some better, more in-depth guides to defeating the bosses.
  • Relax, and don't fret about how long it's taking to write this stupid guide!

Nothing much...

In all honesty, I don't think Google would do much to try and control Valve. We've seen Youtube post Google buyout, and not much is different over there. The one thing I think would change, is that Valve would have a lot more money at their disposal, as well as a wealth of new internet resources to be able to get a hold of. I think that's why this would be a good thing for us gamers, as well as both Valve and Google.



I've just watched the video on the Guides/FAQs tools that GB will be getting sometime in the future. It blew my mind. I have put a bit of work in to a text guide, but once I start putting it on the site I'm going to have to rework a ton of stuff. Tables will probably come in useful for me, as will images.

I can't wait, for now, though, I have to finish it.

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