Brief complaints on game collecting

So I used to be a huge game collector back in the 90s. It really was a different era with a job in gaming retail, tons of Mom and Pop shops to dig through, and no eBay to regulate pricing. Sadly life deals blows and desires change. I gave up my "materialism" and stopped collecting until eventually a burglary nixed most of that collection away. Fast forward to 2012, and the bug has bitten me again. I've moved focus to messing around with old PC big box stuff but in this eBay generation if your not out at 7am digging through flea markets you can't find the deals anymore. The internet has made this an expensive pastime. Every corner store video game dealer leverages their prices against what eBay is pushing them out at. Any deals you may find will only render obsolete with the cost of shipping. Maybe I'm being lazy but I think I'm just going to blame Gamestop.