Babies and their mental capacity.

My buddy just had a kid... well, his wife did. He just watched. Anyways, I texted him the other day asking how the family was doing, and he said, "Wife is tired, I'm tired, but the baby is great. She's so smart dude."

Huh? How? She's 5 fuckin' days old! Is she like, counting already?

"She follows people when they move around."

Oh neat. She's a feral animal then who sees something change in their environment and looks to see what's up.

I love my friend, but in the matter of a week, he turned into "that guy"!


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Incoming Top 10 for 2016!

I haven't created a top 10 list since FUCKING TWENTY TEN?! Goddamn I'm a bad person.

This week I'll be compiling my list of 10 games that I played and loved this year. It'll probably only be half games that actually released in 2016, and the other half, whenever the fuck. They're just good-ass games that has held my attention.

Tally-ho, sirs!

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