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Totally joining this when I get home. Gotta run those Nightfall weeklys!

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Duder holy shit this is an amazing video.

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Thule's and mine match is completed. Who do we report to?

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I can't remember and don't have time to sift through the thread, but is this single or double elimination?

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there were 50+ people in the channel last night -- must be the quick look. fun games!

I've been playing this game off and on since alpha, and now that I know this community has a chat channel, I'll be playing this WAY more often.

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This is great. I was in the chat channel last night and everyone was like "Man we need voice chat" and BOOM!

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@brandondryrock: Awesomesauce. I figure that entering the team names would be just fine since I don't think you can enter in a group of names per slot. My teammates aren't registered on the GB site, but they're ready to play. And since they aren't on this site, they'll never see this... (They're pretty bad).

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Regarding the Challonge system, I believe once we get all the participants locked in and we close the signups, we can post a link of the brackets so if people wanted to follow along they totally could.

Also regarding my team, the Quail St. Pussies, I'm the only one on the team with a registered Giant Bomb account... if that ends up being a problem lemme know. I've mentioned it before, but I thought I'd reiterate.

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@driveuplife: Hey thanks duder :)

This was shot all the way back in friggen OCTOBER... back before I realized long hair on me looks totally stupid. Ugh. Looks like a bowl cut.