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Kinda surprised to see so few Wizards. I'm totally cool with it. I like being a unique snowflake!

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Recently grabbed a PS4 ahead of most of my real life friends, so my friends list is pretty sparse.

Feel free to add me, duders!

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I just want this game to come out already. FIVE WEEKS IS FOREVER.

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Yay Jeff! We did it! Birthdays!

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Just noticed this group. I sent requests to both the main group and NA East group. Can't friggen wait for this game to come out!

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Personally, I'm totally down with this idea. It will splinter the community, sure, but I think it'll be in a way that is beneficial. This way, it'll make raids slightly more exclusive, and make exotic gear truly more exotic. I don't want any regular Joe or Jane running around with some world beater of a weapon.

ALSO the whole no-matchmaking thing is totally fine with me... we have the Lincoln Force group to join. Plenty of players in that pool to play with. And even if not that pool, there will be countless groups available.

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@notdavid: I wish Titans got a sweet cloak like that. I don't mind our little "hip towel", but nothing beats a badass cloak.

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Titan baby. I'll protect all of you Space Wizards :D

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Probably my favorite part from the intro.
Somehow I doubt Venus actually looks this beautiful.
The Moon. The freaking Moon.
Just some pals going to fight other pals.

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@fobwashed: How do I use these? I can't figure them out :(