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Don't expect any preorders for The Crew.

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No. We don't need things obscuring the footage.

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It might be in with the Big Live Live show videos, if you mean that street party they did after it one year.

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I haven't gotten into a matchmaking game yet. Also, a friend and I were playing Halo 1 legendary co-op in the playlist and the game completely locked up a couple of times. We could still move the camera and use the menus, but even resetting to checkpoint just left us frozen in place.

When this thing is working as intended, it'll be the best game ever released, but right now, unless you're playing custom games or single-player campaigns, it's completely broken.

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Huh. I have finished ALL of these games, and I barely knew any of that stuff.

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100% yes. It's a hundred times more exciting to me than every other game released all year combined.

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I played each of Destiny's missions once, saw the final cutscene and immediately stopped playing, having enjoyed my time with it. I feel really good about that decision.

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$55 Australian for a comically large Mexican platter. If you manage to finish it, they give you another one for free.

I got a free one.

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Or do you just have to wait for her to suggest it under "What should I do?"

It's such a cool feature, but it seems to be missing a few basic options.