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Oldschool Everquest 0

Everquest was the first for everything that you now know and love about Massively Multiplayer Roleplaying games, obviously we could go back to muds and such to really find where things were created but most of us started to know spells/mobs/races/classes etc etc from Everquest and/or Ultima Online.EQ basicly took what us nerds loved about muds and put them in a 3d world that we could walk around and interact with people in, the fealing you got from that back on release can not be described, it w...

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Oldshool Dark age of Camelot 0

Dark age of Camelot is a very unique MMORPG, Unlike other games of its time like Ultima Online which based mostly on Pvp and Everquest which focused more on Pve, Dark age of Camelot took more of the middle road putting both pve and pvp into the game allowing players to progress in both types of playstyle.There are three realms, Midgard, Hibernia and Albion, players could play on either realm and be enemies of the other realms, you are thrown into a world where you are fighting against those othe...

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