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Having been reliably informed that EA had apologised earlier this year to Game (UK) for their deliberate withholding of stock i.e. Mass Effect 3 & Fifa 13, I would not be surprised this was to continue to rebuild relations with retailers who currently rely on used game sales to (in this current economic climate) get by.

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Thank you for the responses, keep it up.

How do feel about those such as Dr Twist who are a powerful influence within the UK games industry (at least) requesting such games?

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I ask this question as yesterday I attended a panel for software and other media companies that was intended to show how the commissioning of games that feature the content of other media can make money. Attending the Panel was Dr. Jo Twist CEO of The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment, who at one point suggested that if Fifty Shades of Grey, could sell as well as it has then a good sex game should be able to do the same. She then cried out "Where's my Sex Game!"

If this is opinion of a women in a position such as hers I wonder how the software makers, the publishers and other industry members feel about the lack of a good sex game?

Any ideas?

Please feel free to check out my blog where I have written about the event in slightly more detail.

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BTW: Rocket Girl as a game is little more than a clone/ripoff of Tecno Kitten Adventure. The difference being if I recall correctly is that stages in Rocket Girl have an end and thus the game has structured progression which I have not witnessed due to not wanting to purchase the game.

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Rocket Girl is exploitative, having played the XBLIG trial, although you wouldn't need to to make an accurate guess it really is not worth anyone's time unless you are a fan of exploitative "art". It is no less offensive than the not to be availible in the USA Riptide Bust. I too would like to know what boundaries Patrick felt we're crossed with the bust but not with rocket girl or Dead Island Riptide the actual game or its other pieces of marketing. Much Love

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I ask the question is the bust really the problem? If you find it offensive to see deep silver offering it as an accomplament to a game is the game itself not also just as offensive? Furthermore has any one taken a look at the games website? Watch that rap video and consider the portrayal of both women and men and ask yourself again is the bust really the problem. The marketing of Dead Island Riptide was not an accident.

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Feel free to check out my opinion on my blog. But as an English man with an English wife I can say neither of us were offended the statue anymore than we would be by the game itself.

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I'm playing. Spent possibly to many hours playing this weekend. I had two online battle royals, which were a lot of fun. Single player wise I finished the three leagues, but I have yet to collect all of the moves,costumes etc.

Once you get a handle on the mechanics (something i was never able to do with the other Fire Pro's) it is a fun little game, maybe overpriced, but that never bothers me while I'm playing. Im looking for info on how to unlock the remaining. moves and the third mini game.

I got quite a chuckle recognising the based on real wrestler charters as well.

So far: Mr Solitude = HHH (with elf ears), Veteran Power = Hulk Hogan, Dark Fletcher = The Undertaker. Muscle Muscle = Maybe El Gigante but after playing with him, could be Batista.

Has anyone recognised anymore?

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@Tim_the_Corsair: Thank you for response Tim.

You are right I did not mention that other areas of the game were lacking. My point was that as players (consumers and reviewers alike), we have a tendency to expect things to fit us rather than question what changes we have to make to fit the experience, and observing the logistics of our presence within virtual worlds via the Kinect is essential for us to be able to accept that experience.

Kindest Regards

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@konig_kei: Thank you for reading. I would suggest that is less a matter of poor coding but rather the difficulty of coding software with the ability to control the player as a puppet whilst the player is controlling their onscreen representation with the same strings. The players need whilst playing a game is to be immersed, without a physical device in hand be it pad, stick wheel or wand/remote the players immersion is solely reliant on the screen, requiring the player to be able to see that the kinect is viewing the player and the player must be able to control the character in game. Here there are two controller feedback loops.

Normally a game only requires the player to be involved with one feedback loop, for example it is possible to play Street Fighter whilst looking away from the screen, you know form the tactile feel of the controller as well as the sound of the game playing you know what is going on.

A kinect game gives the player no tactile response, and as such the players arms (and the players themselves)could be anywhere within the field of play if the player were close their eyes.

Games such as Dance Central and The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles (from The Gun Stringer) keep the player(s) immersed through on feedback loop. WTMC only shows the player the reticle, the device is able to see that the player is pointing moving there arm and then lifting the arm, the player only needs to see that the reticle moves and that the shot hit its mark. The player has no need to check if the kinect is viewing them as his focus is the reticule.

Dance Central while seemingly more complicated, is simply requiring the players movements to match the animated characters on screen to the correct rhythm. The game simply informs the player if they matched there limb and torso movements to the beat. The player is not looking to see if they are accurately represented and and such becomes skilled at placing the limbs where and when they are told to, they are developing their understanding of the language of Dance Central's mechanics.

Kindest Regards.