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This is too sweet, thanks man. Giantbomb in a tin, who could as for anything more ? So handy.

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I am so incredibly jealous, that hoodie is the stuff of legend. Congratz ! 

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 You absolute hero. Straight up, I didn't stop laughing while reading it. It summed up my own Paddy's day in one glorious, rambling sweep. Definitely an advertisement for the awesomeness of beer.

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 I once visited a gun range when I was on holiday in America, my brother had an unhealthy desire to fire a Desert Eagle. While he was on the range pretending to be in Counterstrike, I took a look around the place. They had actually put posters up saying "Buy a gun to protect your women from rapists like Bill Clinton.". Sorry what ?! Anyone stupid enough to a)make that poster, b)believe that poster or c)have that poster hanging up, is too stupid to own a gun.
I know people say it is their civic right to own a gun, protection from burglars and all that jazz. I can see both sides to the argument but we are still talking about lives. If it really came down to it, if you walked downstairs and you caught a thief shoving ornaments into a black sack, could you honestly pull the trigger ? The American justice system works on the premise that it takes 12 impartial people who, beyond reasonable doubt, believe that the accused are guilty to sentence them to death. Yet a person with a gun licence, a quick temper and a shotgun can execute someone in a split second. Add to the fact that only some states in America have the death penalty and for particular crimes, I find it all the more confusing. You may never have cause to use your gun, you may not even want to use your gun but you simply want peace of mind, but in that gun lies a potential sentence that America says, rests only in the hands of the impartial chosen.

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Justin Bieber ? I've tried to resist but that song 'Baby' is too damn catchy. I thought it was a girl singing at first and since googling his photo, my opinion hasn't changed. But when I'm alone and think I can't be caught, I play that song and bop to it. It's just too light hearted and brings a cheesy smile to my face. I daren't post a link, I don't want to desecrate GB with that. I know I have a sickness, I don't want to spread it. 

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I am an omnivore but sometimes I question myself. I love meat, it is probably the most delicious food group. But, is the taste worth the suffering inflicted to get it ? I think not. I try and ethically source the meat I buy, I understand that in the greater scheme of things everything dies for the continuation of something else, I just don't think it should come at a price of pain.

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Ah Happy St.Patrick's Day to all ! I went out last night to celebrate it, but I'm still hungover so I probably drank enough to still be considered drunk on the actual day of March 17th as well. I decided to drink Whiskey instead of Guinness because I get full on Guinness pretty quickly so I can't actually get drunk on it. I should have stuck with Guinness, my head is imploding. But great craic was had so it was worth it. 
On a different note, it vaguely irritates me when people say Happy Patty's Day. Patty ? Such an odd abbreviation. Pat and Paddy are fine. Just Patty feels like nails on a chalkboard to me, I don't know what it is.

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Nicest : You're just naturally pretty. You glow. 
Nastiest : Fuck off you whale-faced bitch. 
Poles apart and unfortunately it's the nasty comment is the one that sticks in my head. I actually laughed when the guy said/shouted it at me, it was just such a random thing to be called. Whale-faced bitch, you've got to hand it to him for his creativity. Yet, when I thought back to it the next day I cried. Most people just say the first,horrible thing that comes into their head to get that transient after-glow of perverse pleasure but the person they've said to, that comment usually has a more lasting effect. Am I really whale-faced ? I think not but that doesn't stop a tiny little voice inside my head going "You are a little bit bloated today .. WHALE !" when I look in the mirror and I'm not feeling too fresh. Meh. I'll just kick him in the balls next time I see him, no doubt with my dorsal fin feet.

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I grew up on regular Coke but I've switched to Diet or Zero when I can get my greedy little paws on it. Am I the only one that finds it odd that Coke Zero tastes more like regular than diet does ? I'm in such pain at the moment however, I've given up all forms of fizzy drinks for lent. I'm getting the shakes for an ice-cold, moisture-dripping, sweet can of regular, full fat Coke. Pure Beauty.

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Naruto is brilliant but serialized, you're making a commitment when you start watching it. Dragonball Z, I adore but I'm beginning to suspect for purely nostalgic reasons. (Over 9000?!)
Just remember, Anime can be compared to a puppy at Christmas. It's a big commitment. ;)