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I'm looking for a physical copy of Wolfenstein 3D that has all 6 original episodes, and includes all the original materials.
Weird though it sounds, I'm going to tinker with the source code that id made available ages ago, and I need a legal, registered copy of the game so I can use all of the music, art and map assets from Wolf3D and Spear of Destiny. I flat-out refuse to get a downloadable copy unless it's 110% necessary, so don't try to tell me otherwise. :D 

From what I understand, the Activision jewel case includes all of that - but I want to make sure, since physical copies are becoming increasingly rare and pricey and I want to make sure I buy the right thing. 
If anyone knows, thanks!

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Well, that's disappointing. Most Wanted is a helluva lot of fun, as are a few of the others on here. 
Alas, the tides of time surge ever on...

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I was diagnosed in third grade, when I was nine, and it's been unbelievably similar to what was described here (although I like to think I'm getting better). Patrick absolutely nailed the disconnect that we often feel between games and reality - this is a phenomenal article, and I've bookmarked and forwarded it. 
This is why I love Giant Bomb.

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@MooseyMcMan said:
Come on Alex, aliens in Indy Jones wasn't that bad. 
Actually, yeah, it really was.
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Wait, it's Call of Duty 4 again? I was kinda hoping they'd actually release a different game this time. They've had, what, four years now?

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Well, it's not Bungie, so I'm not sure what to think. 
But at least it's not Saber Interactive, like the rumors said before. I guess cautious optimism is the best route here.

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1:09 Jeff, you're famous!

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... seventeen dollars?

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@Bwast said:
@shazb0t said:
Today's my birthday, and I gotta say - this promise of outstanding E3 coverage is a fantastic present. Thank you so much, to all the staff at Giant Bomb! :D
Happy birthday, sir. If I remember correctly, it's Ryan's birthday too. How does it feel to share days with such a man?
It feels like I'm taking a steam bath in awesome sauce.
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@swat200 said:
happy birthday sir, you and i get to share the same birthday. I'm honoured :D
Happy Birthday, Ryan - and I know it's not really a "gift" the way you think about it, but I have to say - Giant Bomb's upcoming E3 coverage is a fantastic present for the rest of us June 4th-'ers. Thank you so much for putting in all this effort, and have a fantastic birthday!