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Dual analog sticks, finally!
Nintendo's 3DS looks good and all, but leaving out that second analog stick is going to stunt its potential. Even with a stylus to make up for it, it won't be as versatile as simply having a second stick.

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I see Sessler has finally gone off the deep end.

I used to have quite a bit of respect for Mr. Sessler as a game critic and commentator. I remember the fan backlash when he flunked Crisis Core, and it was ugly. But he was right to do it, as it was ostensibly a lax game. Better to tell the truth about such things than to assure people that something like that is a great game, when it clearly isn't.

But this is preposterous, to say the least. Sessler may not like FFVII, or even the franchise as a whole, but utilizing laughable non-logic and resorting to baseless ad hominem attacks to make his points isn't going to win anyone over to his side. (Appeal to majority is just one of many, many logical fallacies that he indulges in here, fallacies that should be obvious to anyone with even the most basic education).

I can only shake my head. Whether some gamers like it or not, FFVII is a classic, a game that opened the market for other RPGs to follow, and harbored a plot that subverted numerous RPG story tropes. It also contained high-level story points that went way over the heads of most of the people who played it (the deconstruction of identity of the ubiquitous monomythical hero, for one). Sniping it a good decade after its release is like dusting off Citizen Kane or Nosferatu and blasting them for not being in colour or utilizing the latest in camera techniques.

Bad form, Sessler. Bad form, indeed.

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I don't know about my "rig", but I'll see if it will run on my PC.

Why do PC-only gamers insist on surrounding themselves with so many pretentious pieces of nomenclature? "CRPG"? "My Rig"? GTFO.

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As you pointed out, DLC and "Expansion Pack" boxes are more or less the same thing. Of course, being that DLC means not having to run down to the local store to grab a box, then head back and sit through a mandatory installation process.

Essentially, DLC = "Expansion Pack" boxes with the middle-man cut out. So, yes, it will remain the norm. Hardly a grand revelation.

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Wait, his life got worse after Max Payne 2? Geez, this guy's more miserable than Ethan Thomas.

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Jennifer Hale, Tony Jay, Fred Tatasciore... eat your hearts out.

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People's reaction to Sonic Unleashed.

Anyway, saving the Sonic franchise is fairly simple: Take it back to the 2D plane. Use 3D graphics if you want, but take it back to good ol' 2D gameplay, cut out all the unnecessary characters and pointless wandering around town looking for things to do. Give us levels where we run through mazes and loop-de-loops REALLY FAST.

Yes, it would make for a smaller game, but it could make a great downloadable package via XBL/PSN/Steam. Think Bionic Commando: Re-Armed.
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Kojima initiates Year Zero. You heard it here first.

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Can't believe they missed out on two of the year's biggest sequels:

Resident Evil 5
Mass Effect 2