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I had such high hopes for this game but it sure didn't take long for it to get old. Once the coolness of the fully voiced dialogue wore off what was left was a whole lot of tedious grind/fetch quests. The flashpoints were really fun but there were just too few of those to make up for the hundreds of monotonous quests.

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Really glad you guys are here to get this story out. Now MS is all over this getting it resolved, but if it wasn't made such a big deal, how long would she be waiting for a resolution? Shouldn't have had to come to this to get it taken care of. Good work Patrick.

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I had issues with queues on the first server I was playing on between 30 mins to over an hour. I luckily hadn't joined a guild yet so I decided to switch to a less populated server and haven't had issues getting on that one this weekend.

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@SurferZ: I did the exact same thing, I never even fired off a BFG shot

I was expecting at least some type of boss fight. Instead nothing, there were previous missions that were harder. The entire last mission was pretty much a cakewalk. The best mission in the game was in dead city where you had several mini boss type mutants to kill along with that giant one. Probably the most challenging and rewarding mission in the game, and it happened early on it led me to believe I'd be seeing more of that.

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Stopped home on my lunch break to fire up rage, just to see if I had any issues. I did have some major texture pop-in issues with my GTX260s in SLI, tho I didn't have time to get the newest drivers installed. Will do that first thing when I get home, hopefully it will take care of that. Unplayable the way it is right now.

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Origin also installs shit that runs and collects info weather Origin is running or not. I really hate EA, and I hate even more that they make games I love so I still support them with my $$

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The mouse controls bother me the most about this game, bugs the hell out of me how the camera always wants to move around when the cursor is anywhere near the edge of the screen, can't seem to keep the camera still.  Played for about an hour and was getting annoyed enough that I just quit. I'll probably still try and finish it just need to get past the shit controls.
 DRM doesn't really bother me that much, I'm never without a connection. It is a bullshit move tho for them to lie about it. Just give it to us straight, you are going to get ripped a hell of a lot worse for being shady than just being honest.

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I loved the way coop in borderlands worked. Friend can drop in or out at any time and just give you a hand. Wish more games did that.

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This sucks, every time EA acquires a  company, quality always goes right down the tubes. One thing EA never seems to wrap their heads around is quality not quantity. And when they release one that I actually enjoy, they shut down the servers so I can no longer play online. They are getting to the point where they can just release total shit because they know people will buy it.

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yea same happened to me too