Who's gonna watch HBOs Hard Knocks with the Miami Dolphins

I'm a huge Dolphins fan! I'm really excited about them being on Hard Knocks this year! Better than the stinking Jets. I'm especially excited about seeing our new Head Coach Joe Philbin in action. Even if he looks like the father from Step Brothers. I was wondering who in the Giantbomb community might be sharing in my excitement....disdain perhaps?


What's a good jrpg for pc?

I miss old school jrpgs. I miss japan period damn it! Anywho pc is my "console" of choice, and I desperately want to play a good jrpg but have no idea whats out there. So giantbomb community whats out there? What are some of your favorite jrpgs on pc? if any at all


Nice. Time. Videogames.

OK. I'm sorry that I posted my blog on the forum thread. I didn't realize that was what I was doing when I did it. That being said. Name calling? I understand the freedom and security that the internet allows, and it is a beautiful thing. But frankly I was a little taken back. I've never been a big part of forums and I guess for this very reason. I don't want to give up on forums all together. I love the game industry and recently due to fatherhood find myself with a lot less time to play games. So what's the next best thing to playing games? Talking about games. I realize my two accidental forum threads were not about games, but about a father/gamer that struggles with time for his favorite past time. So please be nice. I am new. I just want a venue where I can share my opinion and talk about my favorite hobby, So do any of you have trouble finding time to play games?