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Oh shit, and space station silicon valley. You played as a microchip that could jump into and control a bunch of different robot animals, all with different abilities to solve puzzles. Was fucking fantastic.

Just looked it up and it turns out it was developed by, what is now, Rockstar North.

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@Sanj said:

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon.

I was starting to think that I had dreamt that game up.

Also, Marko's Magic Football. Hands down, THE game of my childhood. I remember being incredibly surprised that no-one had ever heard of it.

Conceptually, it's balls crazy (no pun intended....maybe slightly).

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I literally never play games at all anymore.

Actually, I played 10,000,000 on the iphone a fair bit recently.

Still read about them and watch the videos though.

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Celebrating a system that oppressed us for so long.

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Not one to ever usually comment on articles or the forums...

Just wanted to support you Patrick. I'm glad that you're taking the issue and your job seriously.


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Avseq, new game on steam is pretty zoney outy. Puzzle game with super chilled ambient music.

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Really appreciate these kind of articles. Thank you Patrick.

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It's a threat. A way of getting the ESA to listen. Regardless of whether it actually happens or not, it's about getting them to realise that if they don't change their stance their reputation could be damaged. I think that this is at least worth the discussion.

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That program called 'the swan' a while ago. Possibly the most morally vacuous show I have ever encountered.

Basically it got a bunch of non 'conventionally attractive' girls with low self esteem and gave them loads of plastic surgery and a makeover to turn them into plasticy dolls (beauty pageant style). Not only did it basically have the overriding message that only beauty is happiness, at the end of each show, they even judged the madeover girls and decided which one was prettier!

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Very sad after reading the comments for this article. I'm really hoping it's just a vocal minority and not an actual representation of this community.

So Much Hate.